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January 30, 2018

Another out of sight custom collage by @kevokaiser. Check him out on the gram, fam.


Ready for eclipse season, bbs? It’s a time of big emotions, starting with a lunar eclipse full moon in Leo (that’s actually more like Cancer) on January 31st. Lots of exciting femme feels are on the menu, so get girly with it (which, it turns out, may not mean what you think). On February 16th, a solar eclipse new moon in Aquarius is gettin’ us talking (and writing… and just generally expressing). Let your freak flag fly around this day, and reap the benefits of some srsly killer cosmic gifts.


BIG. THANGS. YOUR. WAY. LEO. January signs off with a super dramatic full moon total eclipse in Leo on the 31st. This is the 3rd of 5 of these in your sign, so we’re sandwiched right in the middle of the big feels that come with eclipse season. A couple things about this moon: though it will land in Leo, it will actually fall into Cancer’s crab constellation, bringing maternal, sensitive, and intuitive energy into the mix. It will also conjunct Ceres. You’ve probs never heard of it, but it’s kind of a big deal because it’s a dwarf planet just like Pluto, and rules empowered, independent femininity. This is a pretty intense double dose of girl power—from the divinity of the nurturing mother (Crab Moon) to the divinity of the bad bitch (Ceres like whoa). This is happening in your house of identity, which is INCREDIBLY TITE. You’ll be working with combining both of these energies into your sense of self, as equal partners in bringing you to glory and triumph. The moon will also be conjunct North Node in Leo, making the energy even more powerful for you, so don’t hold back, Lady Lions—you are (all the various and magnificent manifestations of) woman; hear you roar. On Feb. 16th, we’ll get a new moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius, which will conjunct Mercury, sextile Uranus, and light up your house of partnerships. This will set you up for some great discussions and ideas that lead to changes in who you team up with, whether in biz or in pleasure. Aquarius is forward thinking and progressive, so set your sites on someone who can woo woo as well as they can commit. The moon will also square Jupiter, which means you need to avoid going crazy with any changes or decisions you make during this moon. Keep your partner choices smart, but avoid extremes of any kind, Leo. Your flair for the dramatic will need to take a backseat, just for a few days.


Get those hundos, honey. A full moon total eclipse in Leo on January 31st is setting you up for some powerful ish. A little backstory on this moon: though it falls into Leo, it will actually be lingering in Cancer’s crab constellation, whose vibe is all about the maternal, nurturing mother. It will also be conjunct Ceres, which is a little known dwarf planet (true story, Google it) who oversees feminine empowerment and independence—it’s the Cat Woman to Cancer Moon’s Mother Theresa. These two femme-fueled powerhouses are joining forces in your house of wealth and values. You may find that money comes pouring in via a woman-centric industry (beauty or fashion, for example). On the other hand, it may be more about your value system—how you honor the feminine in your own life or others’. If you lean strongly one way or the other in your personal femininity, this cosmic merger may ask you to integrate the whole spectrum in order to charge up your self-love batteries. That could mean strengthening your intuition and empathy, or makin’ that money and callin’ those shots. Or both, Virgo, and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. On Feb. 16th, a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius will land in your house of sexuality, conjunct Mercury, square Jupiter, and sextile Uranus. Aquarius is the sign most willing to think outside of the box, and Uranus in Aries wants to throw status quo out the window (RHYMING), so now’s the time to get your kinky on—some cuffs, some lingerie—maybe even some whipped cream? And with chatty Mercury in the mix, dirty talk would be an excellent avenue to explore as well. Just don’t take it too far. Because of the square to Juptier, extremes def need to be avoided, so don’t get all 50 Shades on bae. Stay somewhere on the mild wild side, and have yourself a ball. 


Girl talk comin’ atcha, Air Babe. The full moon eclipse on the 31st is landing in your house of communication and bringing hardcore femme vibes with it. It’s a Leo moon, but technically falls in Cancer’s crab constellation, whose energy is maternal, sensitive, and intuitive. It will conjunct Ceres, a dwarf planet similar to Pluto who oversees modern femininity, independent women, and single mothers. The two together create the sort of yin and yang of what it means to be a woman—the sweet and the sass. Because this is lighting up your house of expression, this is the time to look at how you express your femininity. Libras are the zodiac’s peacekeepers, but with that energy comes the habit of silencing your inner bad bitch, who’s def not tryin’ to nurture (this is especially true for women). Full moons are emotional, so if a serious talk goes down, plug into the multiple manifestations of femininity to handle the sitch as needed. It might actually be some ninja-level maneuvering between these two poles that’s required of you, but as long as it’s authentic, you’ll be reaping the rewards of this moon. On Feb. 16th a partial solar eclipse new moon in Aquarius will land in your house of long term-term planning. YAS. Aquarius is progressive and innovative—and that energy is killer for planting seeds that will eventually grow outside the box. Think big around this time, and set intentions that go above and beyond the realm of possibility. Like, you could totes own houses all over the world, you could totes get paid to have fun and travel—you could literally do anything you wanted, so dream big and put those intentions down in writing! One note of caution: this moon will also square Jupiter, so think big, but don’t think crazy. Owning all the money in the world, becoming a cult leader, overthrowing the government—many thumbs down. Keep it uplifting, joyful, and for the good of yourself AND all living beings. You’ll be laying down a srsly fertile foundation.


Sup Scorp! The full moon eclipse on the 31st lands in Leo, but will actually fall into Cancer’s crab constellation. That means big feels and a big emphasis on the traditional role of mothers as nurturers. This is important because it’ll also conjunct Ceres, a little-known dwarf planet who rules independent, baller women and single moms. All this will land in your house of home. Issues around the role you take on as a woman may crop up in your home life (perhaps in the form of tensions between being a nurturer versus asserting independence). Because this house also deals in the fundamental elements of who we are, issues from childhood often surface. If you were raised by a single mom or experienced tensions with the mother figures in your life, you may see these issues large and in charge around the end of the month. On Feb. 16th, a new moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius will land in your house of career, which is SUPER tite. This moon is conjunct Mercury and sextile Uranus in Aries. With Uranus and Aquarius teaming up, thinking outside the box at work will give you some real advantages at the office (aka high praise from higher ups), as will all forms of communication: publishing, public speaking, giving presentations, etc. On the flip, Mercury also rules things like organization, details, and systems. If this is part of your work, you’ll see success and recognition here as well by throwing some innovation into the mix. A word of warning: this moon will square Jupiter, so don’t think toooo far outside the box. Stay balanced in your approach, and you should def see a W with this one, bb.


Hey Centaur Babes! Jan. closes out with a total eclipse full moon in playful, dramatic Leo. But there’s a catch—it will technically land in Cancer’s crab constellation, carrying with it Cancer themes of the nurturing mother. Plot twist: It’s conjunct Ceres, a dwarf planet you’ve probs never heard of (but I swear it’s a thing). Ceres also deals in woman-related issues, but unlike Cancer, it’s more concerned with independent women, single moms, and lady badasses. The two are coming together in this eclipse and lighting up your house of children and creative expression. If you’re working on any woman-fueled art projects, Leo’s influence will help get some eyes on it and buzz around it. If you have kids, there are going to be questions about how you show up in their lives, as a nurturer or as a model of independence (or both). This house also deals in pleasure, and with all the femme feels, there’s a good chance you may need some srs girl time—whether that means getting the ladies together for a spa day or showing up to a Planned Parenthood rally will be up to you, but def keep an eye on your need to recharge with other women at month’s end. On Feb. 16th, a new moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius will light up your house of friends and social circles (Insta and FB count; so do any clubs or orgs you belong to). Good news—Aquarius actually rules this house! Not just that, but the moon will sextile Uranus, also ruled by Aquarius. So it’s like an Aquarius trifecta for you! Aquarius friends may prove to be huge allies around this day, and because we’re getting a conjunction with Mercury, you’ll see an emphasis on communication: publishing, networking, or just one-on-one convos. Social media could bring some wins for you, too, since it falls under this house (perhaps your friends will play a role in getting your voice out into the world, via FB or Twitter). There is one thing to keep an eye out for: a square with Jupiter will ensure that any extremes are v no buens for you. Ensure that all your ventures and dealings are grounded, Sag. Sister, and you’ll hit this one outta the park.


Oh hai, Cap. January rounds out with a fatty full moon total eclipse in Leo on the 31st. Here’s the thing—it’s a Leo moon, but it’s landing in Cancer’s crab constellation, which will bring up Cancer’s themes around the sensitive, nurturing mother. This moon will also conjunct Ceres at the time of the eclipse, a dwarf planet that oversees independent womanhood, modern femininity, and single mothers. These two femme-fueled powerhouses are creating a sort of all-powerful Wonder Woman vibe, and it’s lighting up your house of work and service. This house covers your job and any sector where you feel like you give selflessly (motherhood obviously falls into this category; so does volunteer work). If you work with women, in woman-driven industries, or to further agendas that relate specifically to women, you’ll see some killer limelight moments (a la powerful Leo) around this moon. If you’re a mom, you’ll be juggling work and kid responsibilities like whoa, but with success and empowerment. Get. It. Mama. Feb. 16th brings a new moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius, which will land in your house of spirituality—a super complimentary combo. This moon will also conjunct Mercury, so look for opportunities to talk about spirituality—whether through publishing, public speaking, or the internetz. You might also benefit from getting a game plan on with your woo woo. Mercury values details, systems, and organization, so if you can plot out your meditations/chanting sessions/spell casting (make lists, add to your Google cal, Asana that shit, etc.), you’ll see some magical long-term benefits there, too. Just don’t overdo it, Cap. The moon will square Jupiter, so going to any kind of extreme will lead to bummersville. Easy does it, m’dear, but still do it. That’s the sweet spot.


Time to partner up, Aquarius! Jan. is making a dramatic exit with a full moon total eclipse on the 31st in Leo. But here’s the thing: it’s actually landing in Cancer’s crab constellation, so it will bring the maternal energy of Cancer, along with the power of Leo. Dayum. Not just that—it’s conjunct Ceres, an actual, real-life dwarf planet who, like Cancer, oversees feminine energy—but a totally different kind. Ceres is concerned with definitions of modern femininity, single mothers, and boss bitches who dgaf. This is lighting up your house of partnership, so if you’re looking for a partner (biz, romance, mentor, etc.), a woman/man/gender non-conforming person with notable feminine energy might manifest for you around this time. If you already partner with a woman in some way, get ready to see an emphasis on that relationship. Full moons can cause big feels, and an eclipse will bring glimpses into what Jung calls our “shadow self”—the shit we don’t necessarily want others to peep. Incidentally, it’s exactly that stuff that makes us human, so those moments of transparency have the power to strengthen a bond, even if they’re hard in the moment. One last possibility is that this moon asks you too examine how you share your femininity in your partnerships (news flash: even men embody aspects of the Divine Feminine, so this goes for all y’all, not just the ladies). Do you nurture everyone but yourself? Are you an “I Woke Up Like This” feminist who doesn’t balance badassery with vulnerability? If so, those issues are coming atcha. Speaking of coming atcha, we get a partial solar eclipse new moon in Aquarius on the 16th (awww yeah girl). It’s conjunct Mercury and sextile Uranus, so this is prime time to look at how you associate your ego and sense of self with your ideas and how you communicate them. Your voice matters, your perspective matters—are you projecting those views for the world to see, or are you hung up on how you’ll appear? This is a time to set a firm foundation for your perspective to flourish in the outside world, and with Uranus in the mix, ideas that disrupt the status quo are especially favored. Because this moon will also square Jupiter, make sure you ground yourself in realistic confidence—challenges are normal, not a sign you’re on the wrong track, bb.


Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to cruise into eclipse season, Pisces! On the 31st, Jan. signs off with a total lunar eclipse in Leo that actually lands in Cancer’s crab constellation. That means this full moon will be rich with Cancer’s maternal sensibilities. Meanwhile, it’s also conjunct Ceres, a planet that hardly ever gets talked about, but is about the same size as Pluto (fact) and, like Cancer, deals in all things femme. Unlike Cancer though, it’s more concerned with more modern manifestations of the Divine Feminine: single moms, baller babes, lady shot callers, etc. This Ceres/Cancer combo is going down in your house of sex. Whether you’re a dude or a lady or none of the above, keep an eye out for how you express your femininity in sexual scenarios. Do you feel confident sharing Cancer’s nurturing side as a sexual partner, and Ceres’ dgaf side? The Goddess is complex like whoa, and how she expresses the myriad aspects of herself in our sexuality is a Pandora’s box of discoveries, so get ready to get deep between the sheets, Fish Sister. On Feb 16th, a new moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius will shoot a ray of good stuff over to your house of wealth and self-worth. It’s conjunct Mercury and sextile Uranus, so promoting or communicating ideas that go against tradition will be bomb for that bank account around this time—publishing is especially favored. If you have any projects that offer a new, fresh perspective—that colors outside the lines, so to speak—invest in those now; you’ll be setting yourself up for some cha ching later down the road. Because this house also deals in self-worth, it might actually be less about money and more about believing in yourself. Get behind the work you do, Pisces—be your own best advocate, get your ideas out there, and push for your success. It maybe scary at the outset, but the pay off is worth it.


Ram a lama ding dong; what’s up Aries. Jan. goes out with a bang—aka a total lunar eclipse in Leo that’s actually more like a Cancer eclipse. Crazy, I know, but it’s because the full moon will technically land in Cancer’s crab constellation, so though it will bring Leo’s power, its focus will be on Cancer’s nurturing, maternal feels. Not just that—it will also conjunct Ceres, a dwarf planet that oversees the yang to Cancer’s yin, specifically: modern femininity, single motherhood, and being a boss bitch. This will land in your house of long-term planning and big picture thinking. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a mom (or a dad), that could def be a topic of discussion rn. If you’re already a parent, questions about how you raise your kids long-term might be what you’re mulling over (do you stay at home and make sure they feel seen? or do you lean in and model independence?). Beyond the childrearing thing, this house really lends itself to thinking big-picture about issues women are facing right now and how we heal the feminine. That may mean you look at healing those issues within yourself, or it may mean you become involved in some sort of organization that’s furthering a feminist or feminine-driven agenda. Either way, you’ve got some work to do, so get on it, Aries. On Feb. 16th, we get a partial solar eclipse new moon in Aquarius, lighting up your house of communication. It’s conjunct Mercury, which is actually the planet of communication—sick combo. Bonus: we’ll also get a sextile with Uranus, who’s actually overseen by Aquarius, another killer combo. What’s it all mean for you? Any kind of communication (publishing, public speaking, podcasts) that in some way goes against the status quo will create a v beneficial shift in your life. Aquarius and Uranus both ask us to ditch tradition and forge our own path, so say it loud and say it proud, and if it looks and sounds nothing like everything else out there—all the better, Aries.


Know. Bull. January ends with a major eclipse in Leo on the 31st, but here’s the deal, Taurus—it’s actually landing in Cancer’s crab constellation, so the vibes are v Cancer, i.e. maternal, emotionally attuned, and feminine. This moon is conjunct Ceres, who also deals in the feminine, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. Ceres is concerned with independent women, single mothers, and boss bitchez. The two will join forces in your house of career success. Because we still have that Leo energy in the mix, we could see you getting a lot of attention (YAS) or struggling with pride and ego (bummer). There isn’t a square with this moon, which is great news, so let’s hope it’s more about the former and that any work you do with women, furthering female-centric causes, or in a female-driven industry will get you a taste of fame (even a little boost is tite). You also may find an inner drive (/need) to bring all aspects of your femininity to the office—both the good listener and the shot caller. Either way, owning your femme spirit—in all its manifestations—will be on the menu come end of Jan. On Feb. 16th, eclipse season rounds out with a partial solar eclipse new moon in Aquarius, which will shine light into your house of foundations. This moon will conjunct Mercury and sextile Uranus. You may start talking about moving around this time, or have a sudden change in your living situation (maybe as a result of a conversation, since Merc’s in the mix). This house is also known to direct our attention to foundational issues in our life, often from childhood. Mercury rules communication, so you might be going to therapy to talk it out (if so, Uranus will see to it that this is a step in the right direction). You might also be writing, blogging, or podcasting about those issues. Whatever the case, there is a word of warning here, babe: Jupiter will square this moon, so be careful about overdoing it. As long as you avoid extremes, you’ll be in great shape.


Gem, you’re in the house you love with the people you like—that’s what’s up with Jan.’s total eclipse on the 31st.  It’s in Leo, but because it will technically land in Cancer’s crab constellation, the feels will be more Crab than Lion, aka full of sensitive, maternal energy. That’s not all—this moon is also conjunct Ceres, a planet that oversees modern versions of femininity: single mothers, bbs on their hustle, and all the single ladies. The moon and Ceres together are sort of Mother Teresa meets Joan Jett, and they’re teaming up in your house of IRL friends and social circles (Insta/Facebook). Because Leo is still a part of this ladeequation (see what I did there), there are elements of taking center stage in the mix. Be on the lookout for opportunities to help your friends succeed in their hustle or in their personal lives, and vice versa. If you belong to any lady-centric social circles (like a FB group, etc.), you may see some successes through those connects, too. On the 16th, a partial solar eclipse new moon in Aquarius will be rolling through your house of creativity. It’s conjunct Mercury and sextile Uranus, which means that any creative projects that involve writing, publishing, or communication (podcasts, blogs, etc.)—especially if they stand out from the rest—will create some srsly magical changes to your life. This is tite because these are all the areas where you naturally shine. Think outside the box on this one, Twin Sister, and usher in some best-case scenarios.


Ready to go deep, Crab Sisters? The January 31st total eclipse is a trick—it’ll go down in Leo but actually lands in Cancer’s crab constellation (cue those clacking pincers). This means the overall vibe of the eclipse will be more Crab than Lion, so ya know: warm, feminine, affectionate feels. Ceres, a dwarf planet similar in size to Pluto, will join Ceres in a conjunction, and this match up is big. Ceres is the Scary to your Baby (that’s a Spice Girls reference, for all you millennials); it oversees modernized definitions of femininity: single moms, leaning in, and ladies on that hustle. Together, they essentially make up the two archetypes of the Divine Feminine, and they’re joining forces in your house of the subconscious and spirituality. Daaaaang, witch shamaness all up in it. If you don’t do a full moon ritual on this day, Cancer, I don’t even want to know what kind of opportunities you’ll be passing up. It’s the perfect time to tap into your most authentic, empowered version of femininity, and whether it looks like Mother Teresa healing the sick or Kali sticking out her tongue and eating bloody heads—or both at the same time—Goddess bless it. Feb. 16th brings a partial solar eclipse new moon in Aquarius, lighting up your house of work and service. While the 10th house is more about career success, this house is about putting your nose to the grindstone and getting shit done. Because this moon will conjunct Mercury, you may find yourself working hard on a project that involves publishing, broadcasting, or writing. Mercury also oversees systems and organization, so you might be fine-tuning a detailed project or collecting important data. We also have a Uranus sextile with this moon, so whatever you’re working on, thinking outside the box will be a major plus. But like, not too far outside; a square with Jupiter is asking that you to keep it at least kinda chill—stay grounded, avoid extremes, and get your grindstone on, Crab Mama.



Remy Ramirez loves stars, shoes, the ‘80s, superfluous thrift store purchases, and two-stepping through rundown honky tonks. She is the executive editor of The FIXX magazine, and you can find her musings in Nylon, Bust, Nasty Galaxy, and strewn on post-its around her bedroom. She lives in Sedona, Arizona among the prickly pear and cicadas.






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