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-Merhipsy Horoscopes- March’s Full Moon in Virgo and New Moon in Pisces

March 2, 2018

Another perfect piece by none other than @kevokaiser. Check him out on the gram, fam.

“No rest for the wicked” was made for the Cosmos this month! We start off with a full moon in Virgo on the 1st that’s bringing on some hardcore shadiness and some equally hardcore emotional cleansing. On the 17th, a new moon in Pisces, planet of srs feels, will join forces with Chiron, Mars, and Uranus for a crisis resolution moment that’ll end in major magic. It’s a rollercoaster, no doubt about it, but one that’ll land you in a way better place than the one you started in. 


Happy birthday, Fish Mamas! In true form, get ready for some v fishy behavior during this solar return. The March 1st full moon is landing in Virgo and opposing Neptune in none other than Pisces (oh snap). Not gonna lie to ya mama, this is rough stuff. Virgo is about healing, cleansing, and perfecting. A Neptune square is about deception, manipulation, lies, meanness, and even substance abuse. Together, it’s a bit of a detox, working to suck these dark energies out of your life. This is happening in your house of partnerships (meaning anyone you team up with, whether biz, pleasure, or romance), so it’s about to get personal. The upside is that a trine with Saturn is also in the mix, and will help with clarity and no-nonsense decision-making. Here’s what I want you to do with this moon, Pisces. Examine your boundaries: do you allow unacceptable behavior with your partners because you’re afraid of confrontation? If so, that’s gotta go. Do you yourself manipulate others because you don’t know how to communicate directly? If yes, shut it down. Because you live in water—a place where boundaries are literally impossible—you often struggle to be resolute. This moon, as difficult as it may be, is the perfect opportunity for you to get clear on what’s acceptable in your life, both from yourself and from others. However watery, you’re still the gatekeeper of your domain—you and you alone call the shots. On the 17th, the new moon in Pisces will continue the theme of becoming your best self, but probably also won’t feel the best. This is namely because it will conjunct Chiron (the “wounded healer,” who brings us painful lessons so that we can draw on our empathy to heal others later down the road). Not only that, but it will also square Mars, planet of aggression, competition, masculinity, and sexuality. Rough stuff, bb. This is happening in your house of self and identity, so the clash here is really within yourself. It’s about how you handle anger and conflict—in a healthy, direct way or passive aggressively? Do you stand by your truth with confidence, or do you shrink back, afraid to rock the boat? Issues of sexual aggression might also come up during this time. To help you work through all this, the moon will semi-sextile Uranus, bringing you the blessings of inventiveness, serendipity, and flashes of clarity. Answers may come suddenly or from unexpected places. Not just that, but Mars will actually sextile Uranus as well, hinting that an exciting solution will likely present itself, potentially in the form of “breaking away” or gaining independence somehow. So basically: inner drama is on the table, but only because the Universe wants to make you a better, stronger, more distilled version of your amazing self. Happy birthday to you, Pisces.


It’s a wild one, Aries, so let’s get to it. On March 1st, a full moon will light up Virgo and send a v not chill square to Neptune in Pisces. Virgo is a perfectionist and rules healing. It has the ability to purge in order to cure. Wanna know what isn’t fun? Purging. Wanna know what can be super necessary to your health? Purging. A square with Neptune brings up issues of deception, manipulation, exploitation, obsessing (stalking included), and drug abuse. REALLY FUN STUFF. But stuff that, apparently, is ready to be released. This is happening in your house of sex, obsessions, and other people’s money (loans, inheritances, etc.). If you have any unhealthy sex stuff going on that involves manipulation or deception (or even drinking/drugs)—the Cosmos are comin’ atcha to let that shit go and approach your sexuality from a much healthier place. Also look out for bum deals with money; if a loan sounds too good to be true, probably is. Because this house deals with addictions and obsessions as well, I have a feeling those will play play a big role in this moon for you. If you find your brain repeating fears or negative self-talk on loop (definitely a form of deception—you’re actually rad and capable and worthy), if you obsess over someone in an unhealthy way (cough, exes, cough), or if you have substance abuse going on, the stars will be demanding a srs release of that ish. To help with said release, we’ll get a trine with Saturn, who is all about calculated, productive action and gives none of the f**ks about your excuses. So ready or not, it’s time to buckle down and let it all go. Not the time of your life, Ram Mama, but it’s def here to get you the energetic upgrade you deserve. On the 17th, a new moon in Pisces will bring some tough (but v helpful) lessons. It’s conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer, who brings us painful lessons so that we can use them to help others in the future), and square Mars, planet of aggression, competition, and sexuality. This is all happening in your house of wealth and self-worth. Battles around money may come up, even a competition of some kind (salary drama is def a possibility). You may also confront issues around valuing (or not valuing) yourself, specifically in terms of your sexuality (sleeping with d-bags per chance?), expressing anger, or feeling like you need to “win” in order to be worthy. To help you work through this ish, the moon will semi-sextile Uranus, whose gifts include flashes of clarity, synchronicity, and solutions through innovation. Another killer aspect: Mars will sextile Uranus as well, suggesting an invigorating solution is on the horizon, one that may involve breaking away from something or someone. It may not be pretty, but anything that makes you feel like you’re not enough can (and I say this all the warmth in my heart) suck it. Kick those thoughts (or peeps) to the curb, Aries, and get your flourish on.


Hey Taurus! Shit’s wild; here we go. A full moon in Virgo on the 1st will square with Neptune, and it’s intense. Basically, Virgo is the sign forever on a health kick, and it’s not effing around. As the sign of perfectionism, when it wants to cure you of something (be it physical, mental, or emotional), it’s going to go all out. The square with Neptune will bring up issues of betrayal, dishonesty, or compulsive behaviors. That combo is like a detox of sorts—wringing you of the poisons so you can move forward. This is going down in your house of long-term life philosophy, higher education, and travel. Def not a chill time to travel, that’s for sure. If you’re in a vocational program, grad school, or applying to grad school, make sure to read the fine print—they could be promising you something they can’t deliver. This house also rules religion, so watch out for feeling disillusioned with a religious institution, too. Mainly though, this house is about your long-term beliefs about the world. You may either find that something you’ve believed in was a lie, or that you’ve been deluding yourself about how the world works. So ya know, NBD, just your entire worldview getting shaken up. Here’s the good news: this moon will also trine Saturn, and that’s definitely a homie to have in your corner when it comes to Neptune. Saturn is definitive, shrewd, unapologetic, and direct. That strength will help you face reality, make well-informed decisions, and put the work in toward getting you on the right track. Making that transition may not be your favorite thing, Bull Mama, but once you’re there, you’ll see that they pay off is big. On the 17th, a new moon in Pisces is also working some srs healing mojo. It’ll conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer (his lessons hurt like hell, but prepare us to help others later in life), and square Mars, planet of anger, aggression, and sexuality. This is going down in your house of communication. You’ll be asked to look at how you communicate anger, resolve conflict with others, and/or express sexuality. Are you open, clear, and vulnerable? Or are you guarded, inflexible, and defensive? It’s tough stuff for sure, but the Cosmos are bringing in back-up. Namely, a semi-sextile with Uranus, planet of quick changes, serendipitous encounters, and inventive solutions. Uranus will also sextile Mars (YASSS), implying a quick resolution could occur, especially one that involves asserting your freedom in some way. So in other words, it’s a total rollercoaster, Taurus. But one that gets you exactly where you’re meant to go.


Sup, Gem Babe! March is bringin’ the heat, starting with a full moon in Virgo on the first, squaring Neptune. Virgo wants you to show up with a clean bill of health—physically, mentally, and emotionally. And in order to make that happen, it’s going to force out anything operating on a low vibration. Specifically: deception, exploitation, confusing emotions, illness, or fears—all potential results of a Neptune square. This is all going down in your house of career and fame, which could potentially be awesome (as in, your career-related fears are quelled, and you find out everything’s actually smooth sailing), or it could be a bit of a shit show (as in, you find out you’ve been tricked about something career-related, and it sucks a lot). If it’s the latter, just remember that the only way for you to course correct is to know the truth of the situation, so don’t be mad about seeing what is (even if what is is not fun times). One thing you’ve got in your corner while all this is going on is a trine with Saturn, the planet of hard work, common sense, direct communication, productivity, and strength. It’s a force to be reckoned with for sure, and it will bolster you through this Neptune moment so that you can create a win no matter what the Cosmos have planned. On the 17th, we’ll get a new moon in Pisces that will conjunct Chiron, aka “the wounded healer,” and square Mars, planet of aggression, conflict, masculinity, and sexuality. YIKES, SISTER. This is going down in your house of home and foundations. While this could have something to do with your actual, physical home (in which case there could be some srs confrontations with roommates, landlords, etc. (especially if they’re men)), I have a feeling it’s more about your emotional foundation, which often includes issues from your childhood. If you still have wounds from the men you grew up around, conflicts you experienced in youth, or early sexual traumas, these may well rise to the surface so that they can be healed. On that note, here’s what you have in your corner with this one: for starters, a semi-sextile between the moon and Uranus, planet of sudden change, magically cosmic encounters, and innovation. Mars will also sextile Uranus, setting you up for a quick (potentially otherworldly) solution that will free you up from the bonds of this old childhood pain. So taken together, March’s moons are about cleansing— like spring-cleaning for the soul. So, get scrubbin’, Gem—you’re gonna feel like a whole new babe on the other side of this month.


Big feels headed your way, Crab Sister! March kicks off with a full moon in Virgo on the 1st, along with a square to Neptune. Virgo is like your personal trainer—yelling at you to get rid of anything that isn’t 100% awesome for your mental, emotional, or physical health while you sweat profusely and silent cry on the treadmill of life. Lol but also real talk, because lemme tell you, gurl—a square to Neptune is no joke. It will bring out deception, deep fears, lies, confusing emotions, and compulsive behaviors—not so that you can drown in them, but so that Virgo can boot-camp them outta there. This detox is going down in your house of friendships and social spheres, which includes your crew but also means things like clubs or orgs that you’re a part of. You may have some shadiness go down in your squad and be forced to part ways with someone or with a group. You might also just have some confusing, messy situations happen within your crew, in which case clear boundaries or v direct conversations will need to happen. On that note, the silver lining in all this is the full moon’s trine with Saturn. Saturn is straightforward, strong, persistent, and unwavering. He’s not messing around, and he’s not about to stand for anyone else messing around either. Allow that energy to help you form solid boundaries and make well-informed, clear decisions that are only based on the facts. And if you have to let someone go in the process, just remember it’s for your health, bb. On the 17th, a new moon in Pisces will conjunct Chiron, accessing our “wounded healer” energy, the wounds we carry and heal from, so we can learn to heal others eventually.  To get right in there with the “wounded” part, the moon will also square Mars, planet of anger, war, masculinity, and sexuality. This is happening in your house of pleasure, creativity, romance, and children. A way to think of this house is as the center of innocence and lighthearted pursuits—and it’s getting a v tough jab from Mars, maybe the least innocent planet in the bunch. WOOF, DUDE. So what will this look like? Expect conflict within any creative teams you belong to or in pursuing your creative dreams; considering the difficulty around sexuality and aggression, romance would NOT be chill right now; children (especially boys) could have some anger issues for you to contend with. And just forget about vacays. The issue may not manifest in any of these specific forms, but instead affect your overall sense of innocence. So ya know, real good times. HOWEVS, Crab Babe, there is good news. The moon will also semi-sextile Uranus, who will work to help you come to a sudden, potentially even exciting solution in all of this. Not just that, but Mars will also sextile Uranus during this moon, suggesting that woo woo magic could def be part of the answer to this conflict, or that a resolution will manifest seemingly out of nowhere. So hold on tight, Cancer. The waters may get rough, but a miracle should be just around the corner.


LEO. Girl. So intense this month. We kick things off with a full moon in Virgo on the 1st. It’ll square Neptune, so you can expect really fun, cool things to come out of hiding, like deceit, fear, obsessive thinking, illness, and addiction. YAY. Meanwhile, Virgo, sign of perfect health (mental, emotional, and physical) will be over there with a bullhorn, forcing you into a detox whether you’re into it or not. This is all going down in your house of the shadow self, so that is some fun times right there. Look, Leo—real talk: this will likely not be your favorite. BUT—purging these things is essential to your health. A woman wiser than myself once told me that the only reason we have a shadow at all is because there are parts of ourselves we keep hidden in the dark with our shame and fear. No shame, no fear—no shadow. You will either find that your darkness comes up all on its own in order to be cleared, or that someone else’s actions (deception, etc.) come up to show you a part of yourself that needs clearing. The Cosmos, in their infinite wisdom, have provided a trine with Saturn amidst all this. Saturn doesn’t put up with shit, isn’t interested in beating around the bush, and is strong as nails. Whatever work you need to do right now, Saturn will help you with the heavy lifting so that you come out on top in the end. Yay. The 17th will bring a new moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron, ruler of painful lessons that are later used to help you heal others. It will also square Mars, planet of aggression, masculinity, and sexuality. This is happening in your house of work and service, places in your life where you make sacrifices for others (jobs count, so does volunteer work, parenthood, one-sided relationships with d-bags, etc.). What I’m seeing here for you, Lion Lady, is the opportunity to set some firm boundaries with someone who is aggressive toward you—especially a man (bc Mars)—either at work, in a sexual relationship, or in an area of your life that you commit to selflessly. Pisces really struggles to be assertive—that’s one of its main lessons, so my sense is that this moon will be asking you to do just that in order to free yourself of any victim energy you’re experiencing. It probably won’t be fun times, but there is some good news: the moon will semi-sextile Uranus, creating blessings around serendipity, flashes of problem-solving genius, and solutions through otherworldly means (psychics, astrology, meditation, etc.). PLUS—Mars will also sextile Uranus, so the solution you land on should actually come quickly and make you feel free in the end. It’s an all’s well that ends well kind of month, so keep your eye on the prize, Leo.


Hey hey Earth Angel. You’re right in the middle of a whopper this month, aka a full moon in Virgo on the 1st that squares Neptune. Yeep. This is going to bring out the worst Neptune has to offer: deception, manipulation, illness, fear, and addiction. Your Virgo vibes will be acting as a kind of poultice, drawing these heavy energies out so that you can achieve ultimate physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s a lot, sister, and you may feel it more than other signs since it’s happening in your house of self and identity. This is gonna go deep, reaching into the places where you aren’t in perfect integrity, either with others or within yourself. This could include fear-based thinking, anxieties, or distrust of the Universe (it could also include messing with other people’s emotions, lying, or dishonesty of any kind—so exnay on that, mmkay). Whatever it is, chances are it’s going to get at the heart of how you perceive yourself—the kind of person you are versus the kind of person you aim to be. On the other hand, because of the physical element of Virgo (earth sign), you might just find you get sick af or find out about an illness. Bottom line: this one is a tough love situation for sure, but with a real emphasis on the love. The moon wants you to release what no longer serves you so you can usher in fresh, healthy energy. To help you with that, it’ll also trine Saturn, who’s in Cap, your earth sister. Saturn is a boss bitch—a real straight shooter who will come in to spot you with any heavy lifting you have to do in order to fully detox and handle these issues head on. Earth power in a real way. On the 17th, a new moon in Pisces will make a nasty square with Mars, bringing up issues around aggression, destructive sexuality, and toxic masculinity. It’s also conjunct Chiron, which means some emo feels will likely come up, but with the cosmic intention of being resolved so that you can use the experience to heal others. This is landing in your house of partnerships, which def includes bae, but also involves biz and creative partners. I hate to say it, but be on the look out for aggressive, abusive behavior from the peeps you partner with, especially men or people who have a lot of masculine energy. It may manifest in different ways, but whatever it looks like, the goal is for you to draw a firm line in the sand that makes it clear you are NOT HAVING IT. To help make this happen, Uranus will semi-sextile the moon and sextile Mars, bringing you blessings in both the crisis and the resolution. Look for help from the supernatural (tarot, astrology, reiki—meditation of course), as well as flashes of insight that come suddenly or in unexpected ways. The solution should manifest sooner than expected and feel liberating and uplifting. Gutters and strikes, for sure, but you’re gonna come out on top at month’s end, Virgo.


Hey Scale Babes! Virgo, your friendly zodiac neighbor, is getting hardcore with its full moon on the 1st by sending a square to emo Neptune. WOOF. This will bring out issues around dishonesty and fear, things like manipulation, deceit, anxiety, and addiction. Virgo is a healer sign but also has that perfectionism thing going on, so in this scenario, it’s basically like a detox taskmaster—forcing you to purge these low-vibration energies out of your life so you can operate like a boss. This is all going down in your house of personal wealth, so here are the possible scenarios with your well-earned hundos, bb: 1. You find out someone’s been stealing from you. 2. You find out someone’s been lying to you about your income in some way (like, Oh yeah, that dude who has half the experience you do is totally not making more money than you), or 3. your source of income, better known as your job, makes you feel so ill you literally cannot. If you have issues with gambling your money, that could totes come up during this moon, too. All of these scenarios might well surface in order to be detoxed out. But honestly, another thing that might happen—especially if you have heightened fears around your ability to make money—is this Virgo moon could, figuratively speaking, vacuum those fears out by essentially showering you with hundos as a result of your work efforts. I say this because Saturn, ruler of the ultimate moneymaker, Capricorn, will trine this moon, sending lots of good money vibes your way. Then again, this moon could be less about your net worth and more about your self-worth, the more symbolic domain this house oversees. If that’s what the Cosmos have in store for you, prepare to confront the fears and delusional thinking that prevent you from seeing yourself as the goddess you are. It’s medicine that tastes like actual shit from the bottom of a bike tire, but its intense healing powers make that gag reflex worth it. Speaking of intense healing, March 17th will bring us a new moon in Pisces square Mars and conjunct Chiron. This set up is ushering in some bad vibes from Mars (namely anger, violence, unhealthy competition, and challenging sexuality), with the spiritual purpose of providing you with a resolution, so that you can heal and heal others in the future.  This is all going down in your house of sexuality, obsessions, and death/rebirth. HOLY CRAP, Libra! This is no joke. Here’s what it could look like: If you have obsessive fears, resentments, or crushes on/sexual relationships with peeps who weren’t/aren’t good to you, any or all of those issues are going to come under the magnifying glass during this moon—with transformative results. There will be major lessons about creating strong boundaries and letting go of what isn’t giving you life. That’s because Uranus is getting involved in the whole thing: it’ll semi-sextile the moon and sextile Mars. That will do a few things: 1. It will give a huge boost to any woo woo work you do (spells, meditation, crystal grids, etc.), making it even more powerful in helping you resolve the issue; 2. It will create sudden changes that work to your favor; 3. It will enable exciting changes that bring you to a level of freedom you didn’t even know was possible. So stick this one out, Libra. It’s rough there for a minute, but there are lots of awesome things waiting for you on the other side.


Talkin’ the talk might bite you in the ass this month, Scorp (or should I say pinch?). A full moon in Virgo on the 1st will square Neptune, bringing up all kinds of bummer stuff. Namely: deceit, manipulation, fear, and obsessive thinking. Virgo’s healer influence on the situation will act as a detox, pulling these dark energies to the surface so they can be cleansed out of you. Is it an exorcism? I mean… yes. Basically yes. This exorcism is going down in your house of communication. DAYUUUM. Talking: It’s about to go down. It’s about to be intense. Here’s what you need to look out for—people lying straight to your face, passive aggressive communication, and stalkers sending you super twisted letters (it’s probs not this one, but erring on the side of thoroughness over here). Plot twist tho: YOU could totes be that person! So you also have to look at your own communication and make sure you’re coming correct and not operating out of dishonesty, which btw can take many forms. For example, one thing I often see with emotionally wounded Scorpios is a tendency to lash out and say hurtful things to the other person, instead of just being like, “Wow, that really hurts my feelings.” It’s part of that revenge thing y’all sometimes have goin’ on. And even though revenge is pretty sexy and badass, it’s also is a form of manipulation when it comes down to it. In this case, its aim is to manipulate the other person into thinking you’re invincible, when actually you’re a human with vulnerabilities just like everyone else, and it sucks just as much when those vulnerabilities aren’t handled carefully. Being strong actually means being open and honest, and that honesty is your sweet spot with this moon, Water Babe—both in what you give and what you deserve to get back from others. The 17th will bring a new moon in the sign of a fellow water sister, Pisces. It’ll conjunct Chiron (overseer of painful lessons that will one day help you heal others), and square Mars. That Mars square is not chill at all; it’ll stir up shadow energy from the masculine: anger, violence, unhealthy competition, and sexual aggression. This’ll all be going down in your house of long-term planning, overarching life philosophies, and long distance travel. If you were hoping to take a trip around this time, I def suggest you reschedule. In terms of your world-view, this is a prime time for you to resolve pain and resentment you carry toward men and/or the prevailing patriarchy. NO SMALL TASK, Scorp. Something specific may come up to spur this on, or you may just reach a personal limit in terms of what you feel you can take in the patriarchal, dog-eat-dog (and-not-be-held-accountable) culture we live in. To help you work through the conflict, you’ll get a double dose of good vibes from Uranus—one in the form of a semi-sextile with the moon, and the other in the form of a sextile with Mars. SO GOOD. These sexy Uranus blessings will make magic especially powerful for you during this time (spells, visualizations, tarot, etc.), make you more inclined to serendipitous occurrences, and bring swift, unexpected changes to your rescue. Whatever challenge arises with this moon, Water Mama, the solution may well be exciting, and create the sense that you’ve been liberated from the issue in a whole new way.


Hey hey Centaurs! March kicks off with a full moon in Virgo on the 1st, which will square Neptune (ugh). A square is rarely fun times, but Neptune squares are especially effed because they bring out deceit, deep fear, obsession, and addiction. The upside (but also tough side) is that Virgo’s cosmic nurse energy will be there to detox it outta you (detoxing: not usually a favorite pastime among the general public). This is going on in your house of home. On the physical plane, this means your actual dwelling. If you’re looking to move, are renting a place out, re-modeling—literally anything that involves a physical living situation, be on the alert for people lying to you, saying one thing and doing another, or offering a bum deal. This house also has a non-literal meaning; it often works with your personal foundational issues: the circumstances established in your childhood, usually traumas (yayyy… slow clap). Included in this category are core issues, e.g. fears you still carry from childhood, addictions you’ve used as a method of coping with your childhood (almost all addictions serve this function), or anxieties you’ve brought over into adulthood from your family of origin. This also might have to do with a person in your family lying to you, trying to manipulate you, or dealing with their own personal addictions. I know I know, it sounds like a trash moon with trash intentions, and you’d really rather not. But the reality is that, with Virgo as the healer in the equation, the whole cosmic intention behind this is to force the issue to a head so that it can be treated. That’s where Saturn comes in. This moon will also send a trine to Saturn, who is the antidote to Neptune: tough, no-nonsense, and solid as a mofo. Pull your strength from this energy, Sag—respond to passive aggressive behavior with direct communication; answer your fears with strength, persistence, and a game plan; and remember even a small victory is a victory: progress, not perfection. The 17th is dishing up more Cosmic drama with a new moon in Pisces (so many feels), conjunct Chiron (painful wounds that later enable us to heal others), and square Mars (bringing up heated conflict, unhealthy competition, and aggressive sexuality).  This is going on in your house of fame and career. A couple possible scenarios here: One, some b.s. goes down at work (conflict, not chill competitive vibes with a co-worker, totes inappropes sexual behavior, etc.). If this is the scene you’re working with, one thing that will help is to remember that the end goal is to bring you an emotional breakthrough so that you can eventually draw on the experience to heal others later down the line. That’s scenario one. Scenario two is that your work in some way takes a turn to focus on healing the afflicted masculine energy that we see being unearthed more and more in the public eye. Whatever the scenario, a couple aspects are going to swoop in and shower you with blessings. Namely, Uranus will semi-sextile the moon and sextile Mars. This will bring magical synchronicities; swift, positive changes; and amped power from anything woo woo (energy healing, crystals, meditation, etc.). The end result should hook you up you with a sense of independence and freedom. So lean in, Sag; this one’s going to work in your favor no matter what.


Hey there, Cap! We roll into Pisces season on the 1st with a tough one: Full moon in Virgo square Neptune. A Neptune square brings out all kinds of woof, namely: lies, betrayal, illness, addiction, fear, and obsessions. This is going down in your house of children, fun, romance, and creativity. Not exactly a chill match. The results may be pretty literal: your kids lying to you or getting sick would be a straightforward (however shitty) option. But they might also be a bit more difficult to see—like, perhaps your partying has developed into addiction, your romance into an unhealthy obsession/co-dependence, your creative efforts into a source of fear (of not succeeding maybe). On that note, if you’re in a creative team of some kind, like a band for example, there may be some deception issues within that group. The easy thing with this kind of cosmic set-up is to feel victimized, but that’s definitely not the point. Virgo is the sign of healing; this moon is forcing some dark gunk out so that Virgo can work its medicinal magic on it. Not just that, but this moon will also give us a harmonious trine with Saturn (in Cap right now, holla), whose energy works in direct opposition to Neptune’s: it’s sturdy, decisive, frank, and clear. The combo is ideal for deriving strength as you move toward healing. It’s basically a cosmic colonic, Cap—a real pain in the ass that’ll have you flyin’ high once you’ve gotten all the crap out (lol to my extended metaphor). On the 17th, a new moon will land in Pisces and do two major things. 1. It will conjunct Chiron, the “wounded healer,” who puts painful situations in our path so that we learn empathy and are able to heal others in the future. 2. It will square Mars, riling up shadow masculine energy: rage, competition, and aggressive sexuality. So, you see what a whopper of a combo those two bring to the table. This is going down in your house of friends and social networks (social media is included in this category). Flare-ups with your homies—especially men or people with a lot of masculine energy—could def be in the cards for you around this date. Also be careful of sexual harassment by people you think are friends but are actually… not. Beyond these possibilities, you might get trolls on social media doing their (super lame) thing, or people in orgs you belong to acting like total dicks. With Chiron in the mix, chances are that whatever scenario presents itself, it’s going to trigger a deep pain in you, or at least ask you to look at an old wound. But don’t despair, Goat Mama, a cosmic helper is on the way. Specifically, Uranus, who’s going to semi-sextile the Moon and sextile Mars. YASSS Uranus!!! This will make magic that much more powerful for you in helping resolve the conflict (things like tarot, astrology, reiki, etc.), and bring sudden, happy changes to the situation. Ultimately, this planet will create an ending that feels like a liberation, which is actually the tightest possible outcome, so hang in there, bb. The best is yet to come.


Welcome to March, Aquarius! We get things started with a full moon in Virgo square Neptune. This one’s a real powerhouse. A Neptune square brings up issues around dishonesty, betrayal, illness, fear, and obsession. So like, really fun, lighthearted stuff. This is happening in your house of work and service, which can include your job, but also include any volunteering you do, or any situation in which you feel like you give selflessly (relationships of all kinds, depending on their dynamics, can fall into this category). So yes, this means you need to be on the lookout for people you’re in relationship with feeding you a bunch of b.s. (or even stalking you); people being v shady in work/volunteer situations; or your own obsessions and fears (or obsessive fears) around work and relationships bubbling up to the surface. It’s not fun stuff, but here’s the strategic breakdown: Virgo acts as cosmic nurse; it channels all its fanatical attention to detail into obsessive healing every once in a while, and now is one of those times. As the moon squares Neptune, bringing up all this dark energy, Virgo will come in with its herbs and tinctures to heal and cure. As all this is going on, the moon will simultaneously send a trine to Saturn, planet of willpower, clarity, and achievement of goals. He’s a heavy hitter, and having him in your corner is a HUGE asset to help you push through, clear out anything that robs you of feeling joyful af, and bring you into a fresher stage of your life. SO GOOD. It’s followed by another cosmic situation that’s also gonna help you take out the garbage. On the 17th a new moon in sensitive Pisces will team up with Chiron, the ruler of painful lessons that lead us to heal others later down the line. So yeah, not exactly a party, but definitely purposeful. It will also square Mars, bringing out the worst of the masculine: anger, sexual aggression, and power wars. NBD, just Chiron teaming up with a Mars square—can’t imagine why that would be a bummer. This is happening in a pretty intense house for you, Aquarius, the house of the shadow (dun dun DUN). No but really, that’s a big deal. This house oversees your personal shadow self, hidden places (like prisons, for example), spirituality, and secrets. There are a few ways this could show up for you. Definitely be looking at shameful feelings you have around your anger and/or sexuality—more so if aggression is involved. If you have a secret about a sexual assault you experienced, that might also surface. Issues surrounding jail might arise (DON’T drink and drive—those cops don’t mess!). Secrets might be coming up around men in your life, or about you, passed between men. Another one: if you belong to a spiritual community, a man or person with a lot of masculine energy within that group may exhibit some not chill, aggressive (or even unwanted sexual) behavior toward you. Lastly, your spiritual work may turn to focus on healing wounded masculine energy—either within yourself or in others. To help you work through whatever it is the moon has in store for you, Uranus will send two super helpful beams: one, a semi-sextile with the moon, and two, a sextile with Mars. That combo will usher in some magical serendipities, quick changes that work to your favor, and a major uptick in the power of the woo for you (astrology, tarot, psychic mediums, etc.). The end result will be a freedom from something that was weighing you down. So in the parlance of our time, let it go, let it go, let it go, girl.


DAYUM, GURL. This month is a doozy for sure. How will you use this horo-scoop to make the best of this cosmic cluster?!


Remy Ramirez loves stars, shoes, the ‘80s, superfluous thrift store purchases, and two-stepping through rundown honky tonks. She is the executive editor of The FIXX magazine, and you can find her musings in Nylon, Bust, Nasty Galaxy, and strewn on post-its around her bedroom. She lives in Sedona, Arizona among the prickly pear and cicadas.





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