An aura reading is like having a window to peer into the deepest corners your soul, allowing you to gain a more meaningful understanding of yourself on both an authentic and a circumstantial level. Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body and is composed of subtle vibrations that can reveal the inner truth of energy and emotions. Aura readings can help you understand your energetic wellbeing, the way you interact with the world around you, and the overall state of your mind, body, and spirit.

Understanding these aspects of yourself can help you make better decisions, develop healthier relationships, and live a more fulfilled and actualized life. To know yourself as a spirit is to know your True Self.

Using a photo of you, your name, and one fact of your choosing to connect in more directly with your energy, I am able to connect directly to your spirit to share what is happening within your energy field and where you may be experiencing blocks and where your gifts and talents lie within.

When you purchase this service you will receive a digital voice recording and a visual representation of your aura based on what I am able to see in your energy and auric field. I can't wait to show you the beauty within you and help you know yourself more intimately and completely.

WHAT IS an aura reading?

Show me my soul

*All aura readings will be delivered with love within 48 business hours Monday through Friday. Please allow 2-4 days to receive your report, depending on the day your order is submitted.

Individual Aura Readings


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Allow me to explore your energy and help you know your inner self more powerfully.

By looking at both the authentic and circumstantial layers of your aura, I can help you get a more full understanding of yourself. Your authentic aura layer reveals who you are when you are unencumbered by your struggles, trauma, and obstacles...who you REALLY are.

Your circumstantial aura layer unveils to you what your energy body looks like based on what you are going through in this current season of life, and where you may be experiencing imbalances that are blocking you from your highest and greatest good. 

Couples Aura Reading


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Using a photo of you and a loved one, I am able to tap in to your energy individually and collectively to help you gain a deeper understanding of your relationship, exploring the energy that connects you both on a deeper level. By tuning into your energy as a couple, I can help you understand what may be holding you back, obstructing you, or preventing you from fully embodying your true nature and potential as a unified pair. I can help to highlight each person's inner truth, so that you can more lovingly hold space for one another on your individual and shared journeys.

This service is not exclusive to romantic partnerships, but can be about siblings, best friends, parents and children, and is applicable to any relationship that is sacred to you.




"I finally understand myself"

 "Zoey's aura reading of me was SPOT. ON. I can't believe what she was able to pick up from just a photo and two tiny details about who I am. This was so revealing, comforting, and helpful to me in my life right now."

"Life Changing!!!"

"This aura reading literally changed my life. I feel like I finally understand myself in the way I have always wanted to. This information has helped me realize where I was blocking myself from my goals. I can't thank you enough."

"OBSESSED is an understatement"

"I am literally obsessed with my aura reading. The combo of the voice recording with the actual picture was so beautiful and really helped me feel empowered to make decisions and move forward after feeling stuck for so long."