Capitalizing on the Energy of New Year

Zoey is joined again by her Operations Manager, Katie to discuss the ways we can capitalize on the collective energy brought forth by a new year. She goes through a list of things we can do to capitalize on the energy and even shares a spell cast (or ritual) that can be done to really escalate things!

Topics include:

  • The four things we can do today to prepare for making the new year our best yet
  • The importance of letting go of things before the new year (relationships, habits, belongings, etc.)
  • What Zoey and Katie are both personally letting go of and clearing way for
  • Intention setting
  • Creating a God Box/Wish Box/Universe Box
  • The significance of a long term vision
  • Creating a vision board and why it helps bring things to fruition 
  • Stepping into Gratitude
  • A spellcast/ritual for entering the portal of a new year and capitalizing on its energy

If you complete the spell cast be sure to share it on Instagram and don’t forget to tag Zoey (@the_merhipsy)!

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