Welcome to the Mystic Rebel Podcast! Your intuition has lead you to this sacred space, because this medicine is for YOU. Join Zoey Greco, aka The Merhipsy, as she shares real client sessions from her work as an Intuitive Guide in her Spiritual Coaching practice. Unlike other metaphysical podcasts, this show features some real talk, tough love, and deeply profound Truths being delivered directly from The Divine! Receive this soulful medicine for yourself, and tune in for special episodes featuring guest practitioners, as well as episodes covering all of your burning spiritual questions from what Spirit Guides really are, to how to manifest your wildest desires!


Zoey Greco, also known as "The Merhipsy", is an intuitive empath and spiritual coach, whose work connects individuals to the divine guidance and unconditional love that awaits them in every moment from Universal energy.

As an intuitive energy healing practitioner, sound healing guide, and Intuitive Development Mentor, Zoey uses her gifts of clairvoyance, healing, and empowerment, to help individuals step into their purpose, gain clarity on their lives, and find fulfillment and abundance in all forms.

Through the Mystic Rebel Podcast, her Intuition Activation Mentorship, and through her twice sold out Mystic Rebel Oracle and Crystal decks, Zoey helps others experience healing, discover community, and feel far less alone in their spiritual and personal journeys. She teaches others that we all have the power of intuition and can develop it with the use of many spiritual tools and modalities to manifest a life of endless possibilities. Through sharing real client sessions as well as spiritual lessons and guest interviews with other incredible practitioners, Zoey hopes to introduce spiritual novices to the world of healing, and facilitate deeper growth and expansion for life-long seekers. She wishes for nothing more than to help guide souls back home to Truth and Love. 

Over 100 5-star reviews


This podcast found me at the right time. Zoey is so amazing and spot on. I love the topics she picks and she is so clear about what she's talking about. Her personality makes it so fun! I literally feel like I'm hanging out with a best friend.

mystical & Magical

I absolutely love everything about this podcast! Zoey is a powerful channel and pleasure to listen to. She touches on important topics and merges spirituality into palatable and applicable messages. 

and inspiring

These episodes are incredibly insightful. I feel there are messages for all of us in each one. Even if it wasn't a topic I thought I wanted coaching around, I always translate it to something I'm working on and looking at in my life.