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The Mystic Rebel Podcast is home to the indigo children, blossomed into conscious creators with rebel hearts and seeking souls . For the modern mystics of the world, searching for tools and guidance to open their third eye and expand their spiritual knowledge and power to the fullest extent. A home for heart-healing and radical repair of wounds long unattended. As the creatrix of this offering, it's my privilege to provide unconditionally loving, accepting, and receptive openness for the divine dissenters to find refuge from the world in which to uncover their most empowered and activated selves. This safe and sacred container is the foundation upon which soul-family is found and forged. May every Mystic Rebel find their way home. 

On this episode, Zoey is interviewed by her Operations Manager, Katie to discuss all things around the birthing of a new earth. Katie sources questions from the collective, Zoey’s followers, and elsewhere to get a better understanding of what exactly the new earth is and what’s to come in 2021. Zoey shares: What the birth […]

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Zoey is joined by the amazingly talented and gorgeous, Ali Lizzi. Ali is a Miami-based Intuitive Holy Fire Reiki Master, spiritual artist, and sound practitioner. Ali has spent many years focusing on healing her own trauma, anxiety and depression and knew it was her dharma to take what she has learned and assist others who […]

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