The Mystic Rebel Crystal Deck is a 45 card oracle deck, designed to help you hear the wise whispers of Earth’s messengers. Made with tender love and care, these are dedicated to the rock-loving, witchy sisters and bad a$$ mystic chicks here to “rock” the world through their intuitive senses. For beginners or advanced prophetesses alike, these cards will enable you to tap more deeply into your intuitive gifts and provide a tool for you to experience a connected dialogue with your Guides. Be warned though, these ain’t your mama’s oracle cards. This ish is for those next gen mystics with rebel souls who are ready to unleash their inner enchantress!

Crystals are creations of Spirit, endowed with their own abilities to heal, guide, and support us in our life’s journey toward fulfillment and joy. Though they are pretty bad a$$, each of these 45 cards contains a message delicately delivered from the stone’s soul, solidified in the ancient layers its composition, to help you discover and claim your most blessed and abundant life. This deck also features divinely channeled affirmations to move you through indecision, into action, and ultimately peace of mind. With breathtaking custom watercolor artwork, these cards not only beguile the eyes, they are embedded with the healing power and energy of the stones they represent.

You ARE intuitive, babe, and this deck is here to help you develop your divination skills so that you can clearly hear, receive, and act upon the Divine Guidance and Love available to you in every moment!

*Each deck is packaged in a keepsake box with a guidebook to help you navigate the process of intuitive readings. 

Available for pre-sale soon