Raise Your Vibe with Tara Schulenberg & Britt Deanda of Elevate the Globe

Zoey is joined by Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg. Britt and Tara are cofounders of Elevate The Globe, a worldwide community of spiritual seekers who are dedicated to being the change. They are Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors, high vibrational living experts, and modern energetic healers. Based in LA, they are two best friends on a mission to elevate humans by focusing on mental health and inner beauty to elevate the planet one person at a time.

Zoey, Britt, and Tara discuss Britt and Tara’s history and partnership in Elevate the Globe, how they practice and facilitate living high vibe, kundalini yoga, the significance in daily rituals, comparison detox, the many forms of addiction and how to heal from it, how to live more sustainably, and their new book, Good Morning Intentions.

Through hosting online programs, retreats/events, speaking, blogging, vlogging, and writing, Britt and Tara have dedicated their lives to helping people raise their energetic vibration and their work is having a profound impact all over the world. Their mission is to elevate humanity, and their fun results-driven lifestyle is revolutionizing wellness and spirituality teaching thousands a new way to interact with themselves and the planet.

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