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Unbroken: Rethinking, Destigmatizing, and Understanding Trauma With Dr. MaryCatherine McDonald

February 11, 2024

Zoey has a beautiful conversation with Dr. MaryCatherine (MC) McDonald, PhD. She is a research professor and life coach who specializes in the psychology of trauma, stress, and resilience who has been researching, lecturing, and publishing on the neuroscience, psychology, and lived experience of trauma and stress since beginning her PhD in 2009. She is passionate about destigmatizing trauma, stress, and mental health issues in general, as well as reframing our understanding of trauma in order to better understand and treat it.

Zoey and Dr. McDonald discuss:
– Her background and how she ultimately became so enthralled with the study of trauma psychology
– The fallacy that trauma equals brokenness
– How trauma is defined and why it’s important to understand the definition
– How our biochemistry is changed with our thoughts
– The brain body connection and traumatic imprints
– Tangible healing tactics
– The hope circuit versus the fear circuit
– And more

After receiving her master’s degree at The New School, where she researched traumatic loss and mourning, she went on to complete her PhD at Boston University. She has published several research articles and book chapters, as well as three books on trauma. The most recent book comes out in March 2023 with Sounds True publishing, and is called, Unbroken: The Trauma Response is Never Wrong (and other things you need to know to take back your life).

In addition to her academic work, Dr. McDonald has a thriving life- coaching business. She has worked with many different populations including, combat veterans, victims of sexual assault and childhood trauma, previously incarcerated folks, those suffering from the loss of a loved one, people going through career transitions, dealing with burnout, working to fix family dynamics, and more. She has coached individuals, clients and corporations since 2010, and created trauma-based curriculum for nonprofit organizations in New York, Virginia, and California.

Connect with Dr. MaryCatherine McDonald:


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"This podcast found me at the right time. Zoey is so amazing and spot on. I love the topics she picks and she is so clear about what she’s talking about. Her personality makes it so fun! I literally feel like I’m hanging out with a best friend. If you’re spiritual or curious this podcast will teach you things to better your understanding and journey. Amazing amazing amazing."

"Podcast will have you re-evaluate everything in life!"

"It provides so much healing through others stories. One of my top 5 podcast that I listen to! Zoey is so genuine and her love for others shines through her work. Also , her Instagram is life!!!"

"Loving, Healing, & P-O-W-E-R-ful!!!! 🎙💫🔮"

"As someone who’s had the pleasure of having past readings from Zoey - AKA The Merhipsy - I was (understandably) stoked to get the news that she’d be doing a podcast."

"I Connect With Every Single Episode"

"I get something from Zoey’s podcasts every single time! Usually it’s crazy how much her messages resonate with me. I get truthbumps, notice repeating numbers, get ringing in my ears, and even have gotten special critter visits in the form of hummingbirds and butterflies when I listen."

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