The Merhipsy is committed to creating opportunities for spiritually-inclined, or simply curious, individuals to experience healing, connection to Spirit, and community with one another. 

Events will include group Reiki and Sound Healing sessions, Reiki shares, meditation circles, spiritual meet ups, and of course informative workshops and classes on everything from crystal healing, energy work, and intuitive development. 

Check out the calendar below to secure your spot at Zoey’s upcoming events! 

Events & workshops

These are currently available only to those in the phoenix area. To stay tuned for events outside of Phoenix, share your email and subscribe to the tribe!



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Please join Taran Emmert and Zoey Greco of Rogue Reverie for their next Sound Healing concert experience. 

Allow your divine and deserving soul to be serenaded and recalibrated by singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, chimes, and ethereal vocals all amplified with lustrous electronic looping and enhanced sound. This experience will also feature the healing properties of curative crystal grids, restorative channeled reiki healing, and light aromatherapy. 

Allow Taran and Zoey to optimize every layer of your existence and soothe your soul through these natural and nurturing modalities.

TICKETS are $22 on presale only through the link below
Please arrive 10 minutes early
Spots are limited, so be sure to snag your ticket now!

Laughing Buddha Yoga
5025 S Ash Ave B16 Tempe, AZ 85282

March 1, 2020 at 3pm

Sound Healing CONCERT BY ROgue reverie


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Join Taran and Zoey on a fully immersive, amplified Sound journey. Featuring metal and crystal singing bowls, live vocal looping, gongs, drum, tuning forks and other etherical sounds. Allow these healing frequencies in combination with crystal grids, reiki, and light aromatherapy to take you through deep layers of relaxation and meditation.

3pm at Laughing Buddha Yoga
Tempe, AZ

February 2, 2020

Sound Healing CONCERT BY ROgue reverie

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Join me for a enchanted evening of gentle yogic stretches followed by group Reiki and Sound Therapy. This 60 minute experience will feature a full set of crystal singing bowls, a resonate symphonic gong, and vocals intertwined with other heavenly healing elements. This event is focused on bringing the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of your being into alignment and deep relaxation. Allow me to optimize every layer of your being and soothe your soul through these natural and nurturing modalities.

7:00pm in the Phoenix Area

July 7, 2018

Sound Healing with Zoey