P A C K A G E   O N E:  This offering includes a one hour private sound healing featuring metal and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, symphonic gong, hand pan, rain stick, buffalo drum, and harmonized vocals as well as other enchanting instruments, looped, layered, and amplified with the use of some unique sound equipment. This is performed by both Zoey and her sound healing partner, Taran Emmert of Rogue Reverie. Space permitting, all participants would be laying down on a yoga mat or blanket in savasana to receive this healing experience. Each participant will have the opportunity to use a piece of rose quartz to enhance their healing during the sound offering, which they can choose to keep for an additional $9. This experience lasts approximately one hour (not including time for set up and take down). 

This offering is ideal for a bachelorette party, girls getaway in the desert magic of AZ, or for couples looking to share a deeper connection and heal in union with one another.

60 minutes for parties up to 9 people $350  |
60 minutes for parties of 10+ $400

P A C K A G E   T W O: A one hour vibrational and sound healing experience, followed by a rose and sacred tea ceremony, and sacred circle 

This offering includes the sound healing experience detailed in package one, as well as a rose and sacred tea ceremony.  Ceremonially, sacred and intention infused tea is a heart opener and unifier, perfect for being shared in groups. It is energetically healing, sacred, and offers a powerful invitation into inner work and transformation. The tea features dried rose petals as well, because roses have the highest vibrational frequency of all substances and are also known to be heart opening and heart healing. This option includes a group or focused blessing led by Zoey, followed by a sacred circle. This part of the experience is perfect if your event is intended to celebrate a specific person in your party like a brithday girl, bride to be, or expectant mama. Alternatively, this a powerful experience for women seeking to deepen their bond through sacred sharing and spell casting. In the sacred circle, each person showers the special attendee with rose petals and individually shares their wishes and prayers for their future. This is also an option for groups without a special focus...everyone gets a blessing or can focus their time on spell casting around a point of manifestation or intention! This package also features a special tea blend to reactivate the energy as a take home gift for each participant! This experience lasts approximately two hours total, depending on the size of the group.

120 minutes for parties up to 9 people $650  |
120 minutes for parties of 10+  $750  | 

A D D   O N   O P T I O N S
Chocolate making class
Mini intuitive readings
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Private Sound Healing

A deposit of 25% of your event cost is required to secure your scheduled time and day. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your event, please do so at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid a cancellation fee. All events canceled or rescheduled within a 14 day period of the scheduled event will not receive a deposit refund. 


These are currently available only to those in the phoenix area. To request a special event in a different region,
please visit the contact page, and send a message with your inquiry!