Akashic Records and Galactic Beings With Lauren on Earth

In this practitioner episode, Zoey is joined by Lauren Ziher, aka Lauren on Earth. Lauren is an akashic record reader, reiki master, healer, channeler, teacher and multidimensional soul whose purpose is to help humans remember who they truly are: powerful and eternal beings of light. Lauren bridges the realm between the Earth and the cosmos to help individuals connect to their higher self, source energy and spirit guides.

In this episode, Zoey and Lauren discuss:

– Lauren’s spiritual journey (and coming out of the spiritual closet)
– What akashic records are and how she reads them
– The many types of akashic records
– Galactic beings
– Seeding the planet
– Ways to connect to higher self
– And so much more!

Lauren offers a variety of healings and readings and does a lot of work with psychic protection and clearing dark entities. She also teaches others how to read the akashic records, develop their psychic abilities, channel galactic beings and share so many tools that her guides have shared with her over the years.

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