Manifesting Your Beliefs vs. Manifesting Your Wants

Zoey is revisited by a client that’s been on the podcast before to discuss fear and discomfort around being let go of a job due to COVID. She finds some sense of relief in this as she wasn’t fulfilled in her career but also experiencing worry for what’s to come. Other topics include returning to court with an ex whom she shares children with, manifesting new love, and the difference between manifesting what you believe you’re capable of rather than what you WANT to be capable of.

Zoey and her client chat about:

  • Her feelings towards going back to court
  • Co-Parenting struggles
  • Being laid off (and Zoey’s experience with a time she was laid off and what it ultimately lead to)
  • Feeling a hang up around benefits when it comes to going all in on your own business and not having the safety net of a larger entity
  • How to use power and abundance to allocate funds
  • Her manifesting abilities
  • And more!

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