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January 2, 2018

Another out of sight custom collage by @kevokaiser. Check him out on the gram, fam.

Welcome back, Merhipsy honeys, to another insightful installment of astral acuity by none other than Remy Ramirez herself. This month, the Galactic Goddess helps us navigate the emotional influence of a full moon in Cancer on January 1st (or 2nd), and the energy of a new moon on the 16th (or 17th) in faithful, determined (but also kinda awk) Capricorn. Buckle up, boo thang, and read on for your monthly dose of cosmic consciousness!


Ready for the feels, Cap? The full moon in emotional Cancer on Jan. 1st (or 2nd, depending on your whereabouts) is falling into your house of marriage and partnerships (bae, biz parnters, etc.), and receiving a powerful beam of opposition from Venus, planet of love and relationships. Yikes. But before you go swearing off all people for all time, here’s the good news: it’s also trining Neptune and Jupiter – SUPER helpful planets in relating, connecting, and ensuring success. Sounds to me like you and someone you partner up with are going to have to hash it out with a srs heart-to-heart on this day, plus or minus two days (gotta love that drunken NYE bar spat). Not gonna lie; it could get tense—but with the combined influence of Neptune’s empathy and Jupiter’s optimism, you should come out the other end having gained a deeper sense of intimacy and connection with each other. Holla. On the 16th (or 17th if you’re on the East Coast), a new moon in Cap will conjunct Venus and square Uranus. With Venus all up in it once again, relationships are back on the menu… or chopping block, since Uranus is in the mix, too. You Caps are self-reliant, dependable, and logical—but affectionate, intimate, and vulnerable you are not, generally speaking (real talk, gurl). And what one person may see as loving, you might see as annoying af. This new moon is going to bring up issues around wanting space and independence in a relationship. The question underneath it is: Where’s the line between putting up walls in your relationships vs. knowing your personal boundaries and being firm in exercising them? It’s not easy learning when we need to draw a line in the sand and when we need to be open to negotiations, but this new moon will ask you to do just that, Cap.


TBH, this January 1st (or 2nd, if you’re on the West Coast) full moon could go a few different directions for ya, Aquarius. It’s landing in the sign of big feels—Cancer—and getting a bummer beam of opposition from Venus, along with a beautiful double trine from Neptune and Jupiter. All this is going down in your house of sex, transformation, and other people’s money (inheritances, etc.). That’s a lot of ground, so let’s look at the possibilities: if this sparks sex for you, you could be dealing with some unrequited love issues (unmet longing glances at the NYE party are the actual worst), or that moment when your booty call acts like a dick and you have to call them on their shit (just because you’re DTF doesn’t mean your D to wait around for a full hour after the agreed DTF time, ya feel). If transformation is on the menu, you’re looking at problematic relationship issues (this includes friends and family) that will impact how you show up in the world, what you prioritize, or your perceptions. (That one could go deep, so heads up, bb). If it’s more material than relational, keep an eye on things like loans and inheritances from people you care about—there could be some disagreements there. Whatever the case, it will def suck at first, but with Jupiter and Neptune’s glowing influences, you have all the tools necessary (namely, Neptune’s compassion and Jupiter’s optimism) to confront the issue, work through it, and come to a loving resolution. On the 16th (or 17th, depending on your locale), a new moon in Cap will conjunct Venus and square Uranus, lighting up your house of earned income and personal values. If you’re making money working for a woman or in a woman-driven industry (fashion, beauty, etc.), you might feel rebellious around this time—wanting to take time off, quit, or do things your way, consequences be damned. You might also experience some sort of rift, even a break up with bae, over money disagreements. If this aspect puts the focus on your personal values rather than material wealth, you’ll be asking yourself some big questions about an important relash in your life. Feelings of unworthiness or of being undervalued may lead you to wonder if you even want to be with this person. You might also feel like cheating with this square, but that would only be a Band-Aid on a much larger issue, plus it’s just shitty karma. Look at the real issue, babe, figure out what you want, and just as importantly, what you deserve. That’s where the answers lie.


What up, Fishes?! 2018’s debut full moon on Jan 1st (or 2nd if you’re on the West Coast) lands in Cancer, your water sister, and will receive a tense oppositional beam from Venus, planet of love and relationships, along with a super tite double trine from Jupiter and Neptune to balance it all out. This is happening in your house of mental expansion and long distance travel, which could result in some bad juju with someone you love who lives far away or whose beliefs are different than yours (cough, family, cough). A long distance relash could bring some tumult for sure, or if you’re traveling to see someone around this time, get ready for challenging emotions to come up between the two of you. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Jupiter and Neptune are comin’ in to save the day—Neptune with its sweetness and empathy, and Jupiter with its positivity and good fortune. Both killer for talking through the tough stuff and coming to a resolution that everyone’s down with. On the 16th (or 17th, depending on where you are), a Capricorn new moon will conjunct Venus and square Uranus in your house of communication. Yeesh. More tough relationship stuff. A big talk with a loved one is on the horizon, bb, and there’s a real chance that you’ll want to cut ties as a result. Whether or not you do isn’t really the issue, Pisces. The issue is how you handle your mouth in the moment. It’s one thing to decide that someone is toxic and exercise healthy boundaries as a result; it’s another to tell someone what a POS they are, storm off, and delete all traces of them from your social media. If you want to go your own way or create space—that’s cool. But keep it classy when words are exchanged: speaking your truth doesn’t include name-calling. That’s what diaries, therapists, and pillow-punching are for.


Ram bam, thank you ma’am! Get ready to put that can-do attitude toward some srs career stuff during the Jan. 1st full moon (or 2nd, if you’re on the West Coast). It’ll be landing in Cancer, sign of big feels, and receiving a difficult beam of opposition from Venus, planet of love and relationships (ouch), along with a killer three-way trine, linking it to Neptune and Jupiter (yay). What does it all mean? Well, for you, this’ll be going down in your house of career and success, so it could go a few ways: 1. You get into an emotionally difficult sitch with a woman at work (Venus reps the feminine). 2. You have some challenges with a project you’re working on that means a lot to you (passion projects, etc.). 3. You get crushed by a work crush. 4. If you work with women or in a women-driven industry (fashion, etc.), some shit goes down. Whatever the scenario, get prepped to feel your feelings, boo, and then get ready to work through them. The double trine will bring in all kinds of good vibes: Neptune’s empathy and sweetness, and Jupiter’s good fortune and success, giving you everything you need to push through the tough stuff, resolve it in the best way possible, and come out of the incident even better than before you started. On the 16th (or 17th for you East Coasters), a new moon in Cap will conjunct Venus and square Uranus, lighting up your house of home. The most immediate and obvious outcome of this scenario is that tensions with someone you live with result in you or the other person moving out, or at least thinking about it. If you work for a woman or in a woman-driven industry, changes in your job (a raise? a demotion?) might have you thinking about moving. Any remodeling you’ve done to your digs will see some upsets around this time. The house of home also covers the things that were fundamental in creating you (family influence, childhood experiences, etc.). Tensions with a loved one—especially a family member—could bring up those core issues and make you want to rebel, throw your phone into the ocean, or just GTFO. Don’t do anything you’ll regret, Ram Mama, but don’t be afraid to set healthy boundaries either, regardless of how they’re received by your fam. You’re not a kid anymore, you’re an adult—those decisions are up to you now, bb.


Hey hey, Taurus! 2018 gets a jumpstart on the 1st (or 2nd for all you West Coasters) with a Cancer full moon that’s bringing major feels, as only Cancer can. It will receive a v challenging beam of opposition from Venus, planet of love and relationships, along with some srsly good vibes from a trine with both Neptune and Jupiter (not too shabby). This will be landing in your house of friends and social circles, so… yeah. The bad news is that a friend fallout appears to be on the books (or even a social media drag from someone you thought was on your team). The good news is that the trine will swoop in right behind and apply a Neptune/Jupiter salve to the sitch—Neptune for open-heartedness and connection, and Jupiter for a positive outlook and success. So yes; it will likely suck for a second, but all trines point to conflict resolution, so it won’t be dismal for too long. On the 16th (or 17th depending on your time zone), a new moon in Cap will conjunct Venus and square Uranus in your house of play, creativity, and children. Because this house covers a lot of ground, let’s go over the possibilities: If you have or work with children, you could see one of them getting particularly rebellious with you, especially if the two of you have a close relationship. If you’re working with a team on a creative project, someone (maybe you) could quit or threaten to quit. If you have a vacay or pleasure spree planned around this day, be sure you’re not making any rash decisions—like cliff jumping into shallow water or getting on booze cruises that circle shark infested waters. Risk taking is NOT favorable with this aspect, and that’s true across the board. No matter what kind of issue Uranus throws at this moon, you need to process it slowly rather than with a knee jerk reaction. It’s a test from the Cosmos, Bull Babes, so get out that meditation app, crystal grid, or aromatherapy set, and think it all through.


Heya Twin Babes! This Jan. 1st (or 2nd, for West Coast dwellers) full moon in Cancer is bringing emo night to humans everywhere. It starts out with a super intense (but like, not in a fun way) opposition to Venus, planet of love and relationships, and follows up with an extremely rad trine to both Neptune and Jupiter. It’s all going down in your house of secrets, shadow lessons, and spirituality. Kind of a big deal. This could manifest a few different ways: You might learn a (not chill) secret about someone you’re close to; a loved one might gossip about you (and get busted); a relationship triggers your shadow self (repressed emotions, anger, shame—all the stuff you reserve for that weekly therapist sesh); or something in your spiritual work brings up conflict with a loved one. If it sounds shitty, that’s because it likely will be at first. But the trine is on that good-vibes-only tip, bringing Neptune’s gentle, empathetic influence and bolstering it with Jupiter’s good luck and optimism. Whatever challenge you encounter with this moon will be examined lovingly by the Cosmos before gently being remedied. You’ll actually walk away feeling pretty damn good about the whole thing. On the 16th (or maybe 17th if you’re on the East Coast), a new moon in Cap will conjunct Venus and square Uranus in your house of work and service. If you work for a woman or in a woman-driven industry like beauty or fashion, some kind of conflict or tension could lead you to make impulsive decisions, feel trapped or bored, or make you want to walk away all together. These vibes also apply to any area in your life where you give more than you receive (volunteering falls under this category, as does volunteering to be in a relationship that sucks you of all your life force). Whichever area this house lights up for you specifically, the underlying theme is a rash desire to give it the finger. And while on the one hand I want to encourage you to live your best DGAF life, the reality is that you need to take a deep breath before making any big decisions around this day. You may very well decide to go for it, whatever “it” may be; but responding to a situation calmly and with confidence is totally different from pulling a Kanye at the Grammys move. So get your zen on first and foremost, and move forward from there, Gem. You’ll be glad you did.


Sup Cancer! You get 2018 started with a major full moon on the 1st (or 2nd, depending on your time zone). It’s landing in Cancer (holla!) and bringing all the big emotions you Crab Babes are famous for with a tough opposition to Venus (planet of love and relationships) and a super positive trine to both Neptune and Jupiter. Because this will all be going down in your house of self, expect some core issues to rise to the surface via a v not tite conflict with a loved one. You might feel like someone is attacking your personality, your life views, or how you operate in the world. I know I know—not exactly how you want to spend the first day of 2018. But don’t freak out! The trine is legit af, comin’ in right behind to set things right. Neptune is gentle, sweet, and kind hearted, and Jupiter is full of positivity, love for life, and good fortune. Together, they make a killer clean up crew, so whatever bad juju goes down, rest assured that they’ll swoop in and hand you everything you need to make it a best case scenario in the end. On the 16th (or 17th for all you East Coasters), the Cap new moon will conjunct Venus and square erratic Uranus in your house of partnerships and marriage. Whether this is about your life partner, your biz partner, or even just your BFF partner in crime—some shit’s about to go down. You might cheat or have a wandering eye; you might feel suffocated and need space; or you might just decide that, as is, the situation just isn’t exciting enough for you. Whatever the case, there will be a sense of wanting to escape the commitment. If that’s really what you want—awesome. But make sure it’s not just a passing mood before you make an irrevocable decision, Water Mama. Uranus doesn’t think long-term, but you can. Count to 10, take three deep breaths—ya know, all the things, and then move forward from that v emotionally responsible space.


Hey Leo! Jan’s Cancer full moon on the 1st (or 2nd, if you’re on the West Coast), will be throwing those emotions all over the place—first with a bummer-zone opposition to Venus (planet of love and relationships) and then with an extremely dope trine to Neptune and Jupiter. It’s all lighting up your 2nd house of earned income and personal values, so it could go a couple different directions. You might get into a fight over money with someone you love—that’s one option. Another is that you and someone you care about might argue over how you prioritize your life—maybe they feel undervalued by you, or think you choose work over them. A third possibility is that someone says something to you that goes right to that self-worth place (or lack thereof), bringing up feelings of not being good enough. Either way—not fun stuff. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel, Leo, namely: a srsly good trine with Neptune (who will smooth things over with tenderness and understanding) and Jupiter (the eternal optimist of the Cosmos). Any and all conflict will be worked out with these two on the force, so a happy ending is def in the stars. On the 16th (or 17th, depending on where you are), a Cap new moon will conjunct Venus and square Uranus, planet of freedom and individuality. This is going down in your house of sex, so shit’s about to get freaky, boo. If you’re spoken for, you may cheat, or at least think about it (you might also find that a partner hasn’t been faithful). On the other hand, you and bae could decide to take it up a notch in the bedroom under this influence, venturing into role-play, threesomes, etc. If you’re single, you might get excited over sexy prospects with someone unconventional that you would normally never be into. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s not shitty (PSA: cheating is shitty), and that it’s safe. A threesome is all good till the rando you picked up at a bar refuses to wear protection. Uranus loves to throw caution to the wind, but when a square is involved, you def don’t want to test fate, Leo. It’s not always your strong suit, but think things through around this date, and save yourself the drama.


It was the best of times; it was the worst of times, Virgo. But probably not in that order. The Jan. 1st (or 2nd, depending on your time zone) Cancer full moon will receive a challenging opposition from Venus, planet of love and relationships, along with a super rad trine to Neptune and Jupiter. This’ll light up your house of communication (always a Virgo fave), and practically assure that your entry into 2018 serves up a tough convo with someone you love, forcing you once again to look at how you express your truth, when you allow vulnerability, and what kinds of compromises you’re willing to make in relationships. Woof, I know. But the good news is that Neptune will send a good-natured, empathetic beam, just as Jupiter shoots over the energy of positivity and success. So go bravely, Virgo—it could get tense there for a minute, but it’s destined to work itself out. On the 16th (or 17th for you West Coasters), the new moon in Capricorn will conjunct Venus and square Uranus in your house of mental expansion and travel. If you have big travel plans—especially if they involve seeing someone you love or doing something you’re passionate about, Uranus might be causing some mischief. Expect sudden, unforeseen changes in plans (which I know is your fave, Virgo), including but not limited to: cancelled flights, rearranged agendas, and going it alone when you thought you’d be in a group. If you have a travel buddy, said buddy might go MIA. This house sometimes also covers mental expansion: beliefs, moral standards, and personal philosophies. Because Venus is involved in this moon, you might land yourself in an argument with someone you’re close to over opposing life views. You could also find that your belief about a person in your life gets thrown out the window (woof! let’s hope it’s not this one). Whatever goes down, you’re going to have to embrace change to make it through successfully. Think of it as an opportunity to practice flexibility, patience, and counting to 10 (everything we need to know we learn in kindergarten, amirite?). Whatever zen you’re into, Earth Babes—this new moon is givin’ you ample opportunity to get with it.


Home is where the heart of the matter is, Libra. The Jan. 1st (or 2nd for West Coasters) Cancer full moon is landing in your house of home, and bringing a big ole flip flop of emotions with it, starting with a no-fun opposition to Venus, planet of love and relationships. In the house of home, this opposition could obvs bring conflict with someone you live with—so check yourself before you wreck your living sitch, bb. This house also oversees foundational issues, often childhood traumas or people who were central in creating our worlds from an early age. You might find that conflict arises with the people who raised you or with your siblings. On the other hand, you may find that a conflict with someone you love triggers a core trauma or limiting belief that’s been following you around since your earliest years. UGH, why, 2018?? But before you go venting to your therapist—this moon is also bringing a v sexy double trine with super empathetic and tenderhearted Neptune and ultra successful and optimistic Jupiter. Hell. Yeah. They’re like the dynamic duo of resolving conflict, so whatever tough stuff is delivered to you around this day, just know it’s going to work out for the best in the end. On the 16th (or 17th, depending on your time zone), a new moon in Cap will conjunct Venus and square Uranus in your house of career, creating some swift, unexpected changes in your work sector. Because Uranus will be square Venus at the same time, a woman you work with could be at the center of this change, and if you work in a woman-driven industry (fashion, beauty, etc.), you may feel this upset even more. Because of the strain a square brings, I’m gonna go ahead and say this moon probably won’t be your favorite moment of 2018, but whatever goes down for you on this day, just remember that Uranus creates change so that something new, fresh, and really fucking rad can show up for us. So don’t stress, Libra; it’s all happening just as it should.


Sup Scorp! Jan. is bringing some big feels with a full moon in Cancer on the 1st (or 2nd, depending on your time zone). It’s a triple threat, bb, with two-to-one in your favor. Let’s start with the bad news: the moon will receive a challenging beam of opposition from Venus, planet of love and relationships, landing in your house of pleasure, children, and creativity. If you have kids or work with them—it’s choppy waters ahead. Any and all creative projects you have going on will likely come up against conflict (especially if you’re working in a team). And if you’re on a vacay (it is NYE after all), def expect some trouble in paradise in the form of a good ole fashioned argument. Now onto the good stuff: the moon will also receive two trines—one from sweet, sympathetic Neptune, the other from happy-go-lucky Jupiter. They’re like the fairy godmothers of conflict management, so whatever upsets arise, just know they’ll be talked through and smoothed over for sure. On the 16th (or 17th, if you’re on the East Coast), a new moon in Cap will conjunct Venus and square Uranus in your house of friends and social circles. You might feel like your crew isn’t working out for you—maybe you just don’t have anything in common with them anymore, for example. The reverse might be true as well: someone in your squad wants to go rogue and do their own thing now. Uranus brings swift, unexpected changes; it’s rash, unpredictable, and freedom loving. Whatever goes down in your circle, the worst thing you can do is try to fight it. Without being reactionary (even if you get super pissed), just let the change come and go. Once this moon passes, you may find that the whole situation blows over completely, bb, so no use getting worked up over it.


You ready, Sag?! 2018 is gonna be awesome, and this Jan. 1st (or second, depending on where you are) Cancer full moon is no exception—even though it’s got some challenges to overcome. Namely: a tough opposition to Venus, planet of love and relationships, lighting up your house of work and service. This house could be about your job (obvs), but it could also be about areas in your life where you make a sacrifice—if you volunteer somewhere, if you walk your elderly neighbor’s dog, if you’re in a relationship that feels like a giant leech attached to your neck sucking all the life blood out of you (been there, gurl). Any of these areas could bring around conflict between you and someone you care about. That’s not the awesome part though—the awesome part is that this moon will also receive two trines—one from nurturing, empathetic Neptune, the other from successful, positive Jupiter. That combo is the dream team of resolving conflict, so whatever issues/feelings come up, just know that the stars have aligned to work them out, babe.  On the 16th (or 17th, for those of you on the East Coast), a new moon in Cap will conjunct Venus and square Uranus in your house of secrets and shadow work. Big changes could come about when a secret is revealed around this date, particularly about someone you care about (bae, family, BFFs, etc.). On the other hand, tensions with a loved one could trigger some deep wounds that make you want to GTFO and never come back (or just rebel anyway), or the reverse: someone else takes off. Whatever clearing is happening, it may well not be fun times, but the Cosmos often rip Band-Aids so that you can quickly move on to something bigger and way better—never forget that, Sag Sister.


New Year, New Moon, New YOU. With this horo-scoop in your back pocket, you can DEF make the most of this month! Let us know in the comments below how you plan to slay January!




Remy Ramirez loves stars, shoes, the ‘80s, superfluous thrift store purchases, and two-stepping through rundown honky tonks. She is the executive editor of The FIXX magazine, and you can find her musings in Nylon, Bust, Nasty Galaxy, and strewn on post-its around her bedroom. She lives in Sedona, Arizona among the prickly pear and cicadas.






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