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October 13, 2017

Welcome back, moon babes, to another horo-scoop delivered direct from Merhipsy Headquarters. The Galactic Goddess herself, Remy Ramirez, once again stuns us stargazers with her astral insights! This month, the full moon in Aries and New moon in Libra bring us opportunities to step more powerfully into abundance, while simultaneously instilling us with a sense of urgency that makes it hard to be patient as these blessings manifest! This pair does give us a chance to embrace greater depth in our relationships, even if it means that we need to have some less-than-pleasant, overdue heart to hearts. Read on for your personal report!


Time to meet your match, Libra! The 5th brings us a full moon in Aries, landing directly opposite the sun in (guess who?) Libra. That opposition is going to make the vibes v strong, which is great news for you because this moon’s lighting up your house of partnerships, aka cuties on lock, aka strength in numbers, aka Libra loves to partner up and it’s about to go down, sister. You might be putting a ring on it, meeting your perma-boo, joining forces with a lucrative professional team, or settling down with a business partner—not. too. shabby. Word of warning: Aries has an impulsive, impatient streak, and Libra can’t make a decision to save its life, so those forces can be a bit of a headache when they sit in opposition to each other. To ward off the battle for astro dominance between the two, grab a piece of lapis lazuli; it’ll help you connect with your intuition so you know what steps to take if you’re faced with a conundrum on this day. On the 19th, we get a new moon in Libra, so that’s obviously sexy af. Know what else is sexy? This new moon is conjunct Jupiter AND Mercury—Cosmos are treatin’ you right, mama! All things Libra (romance, art, beauty, fashion, law, activism, fun) will not only be celebrated—with Jupiter’s expansive energy in the mix, they’ll be amplified. Add in that Mercury lovin’, and you’ve got green lights with business negotiations, presentations, and really anything that requires thinking (nbd). Get out there and have a ball, Libra—‘cause it’s def in your court.


Big changes on the horizon, Water Mama! The 5th brings us a full moon in Aries, lighting up your house of sex and transformations (the house you oversee, so it’s right up your alley). Because this full moon is sitting in opposition to the Sun in Libra, all the feels will be on blast. Prepare yourself for sudden transitions, intense emotions (potentially pleasant or… not so much), or literally just really good sex—I mean, this is the house that you oversee, Scorpio, so, ya know, ‘nuff said. This moon is going down the same day as a Venus/Mars conjunction, so def be on the lookout for some romance-related goings on. The evolutionary nature of this placement lends itself to rapid emotional transitions—not always the most comfortable, so keep a piece of hematite on ya for grounding purposes (pro tip). On the 19th, we get a new moon in Libra, lighting up your house of wealth and values. This moon is conjunct Jupiter and Mercury, which will make all its powers bigger and stronger. Shit yeah, gurl, this is such good news for you! Lots of money can be made for you now in Libra-related fields: art, beauty, fashion, romance, law, or any industry that caters to women. This house can be abstract, too—less about valuables and more about your personal values. Libra’s symbol is the woman with the scales; it’s a sign that believes strongly in justice, so you may find that you get a major activism bug around this new moon, too. Powerful stuff, Scorp, so get ready to get your fierce on.


Travel bug much, Sag? A full moon in Aries on the 5th will light up your house of travel and philosophy. It’s going to be powered by an opposition to the Sun in Libra, making the vibes super strong. If you aren’t taking a trip around this day, it’s the perfect time to book one (especially if a far off land is calling your name). This house can be more abstract than just travel though—it wants you to learn, grow, and expand on a personal level. And with results-driven Aries’ in the mix, you might find that you’re quick to make some srs decisions that reflect who you really are and what you really believe in. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra lights up your house of communication. It just so happens that this moon is conjunct Jupiter and Mercury, making the effects even stronger (holla!). Libra is extremely refined and diplomatic in her communication style, and Mercury rules the mind, so this is a killer time to handle negotiations, difficult talks, or anything that requires you to be on point with the words comin’ outta your mouth. Another way this might show up for you is in publishing, which this house also oversees. If you have any written work that’s been trying to make its way into the public eye—especially in the areas of fashion, beauty, art, law/activism, or woman-centric industries (Libra loves these), this day’s killer for making moves on that front. It’s basically big thangs or nothang, this month, Sag, so get out there and arch it up like the archer boss you are.


Name in lights, comin’ atcha, Cap! The Aries full moon going down on the 5th is lighting up your house of career and fame—the house you oversee. More good news: it falls opposite the Sun in Libra, which will strengthen the energy even more. Fist pump! Aries is not to be underestimated, so having the Ram’s force and drive on your side during this full moon will def help bring projects and cosmic blessings to their culmination. Don’t be surprised if a project you’re working on gets you tons of accolades at the office, or if one of your tweets goes viral—these are all on the menu this month. One thing to keep an eye out for is conflict in the work sector. Aries energy can sometimes be dickish, so heads up that a show down between you and a co-worker might be in the works around this day, too. (Just say no, Cap! Who has time for that ish?) On the 19th, a new moon in Libra hits up your house of home and foundations. Venus-ruled Libra loves all things beautiful, so this is a killer time to go big on remodeling or redecorating your pad. I say “go big” because this new moon is being amped by a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, so don’t hold back. The house of home is sometimes more about your internal landscape than external, and Libra is the sign most concerned with justice, equality, and what’s “fair.” You may find yourself wrestling with those issues emotionally, or even thinking about how they formed your understanding of the world at an early age. Another possibility with this pair up is that issues about what’s “fair” pop up in your household (time for the dreaded chore chart?). The overall goal of this moon is to work with the concept of being grounded and balanced, so get out there and get your zen on, Cap.


Be the inspo you want to see in the world, Aquarius—especially with this full moon in Aries! It’s going down on the 5th and lighting up the house of friends and aspirations, which is the house you oversee. The goal of this house is to motivate others, to march to the beat of your own drum in creating positive change while inspiring others to do the same. Activism, coaching, mentoring—any kind of work that uplifts others is going to be favored now, especially with ambitious, determined Aries in the driver’s seat. This moon sits in opposition to the Libra Sun, which will amp the vibes even more, so get ready for something really big and impactful in this arena, Air Mama. On the 19th, we get a new moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter and Mercury. This baby will fall in your 5th house of fun, creativity, and children—holla! It’s a super fun house: whimsical, light-hearted, and artistic. Any creative projects you want to share with the world, now’s the time. It’s also the time for, like, going to an amusement park and eating all the cotton candy. Because children are associated with this house, you might find yourself in some babysitting scenarios, too (pro tip: bring a copy of Frozen—always a crowd pleaser). If you’re trying to get pregnant, this is a great time for that. If you’re not, wrap that shit up, gurl—the Cosmos don’t play. In general, you should be living your best life with this new moon, so don’t hold back, sister. The world is your playground.


Ready to go inward, Fish Sister? A full moon in Aries on the 5th lights up your house of secrets and intuition. The moon will be sitting opposite the Sun in Libra, which will have an intensifying effect on the vibes. And what are those? Full moons are incredibly intuitive, creative, and feminine, and so is this house. But then Aries falls in the mix with its big-ass ram horns, and suddenly the chemistry is totally changed. Be on the lookout for sudden shifts in how you connect with your spirituality, jolting intuitive insights, or an issue around secrets that brings up conflict or anger. You might also just have a massive impulse to meditate for like three days, so there’s always that option. If that is the case, jump on the opp, Pisces. The hustle keeps us so distracted, who knows when you’ll feel that way again. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra lights up your house of work and service. This moon is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, and Mercury, the planet of mental pursuits. The combo could create growth in your work, especially in the energy of reaching out to others to affect the betterment of their lives. With Merc. in the mix, you’ll see an uptick in your ability to think on the fly and create practical strategies that help you get your work out into the world. Most importantly for this one: concentrate on ways that your work can serve others rather than yourself—that’ll really help you tap into the blessings of this cosmic force. It’s a win/win as only the stars can dish up, Pisces.


DO YOU, Ram Mama! The full moon on the 5th falls into Aries, so it’s all systems go, boo! More good news: this moon sits opposite the Sun in Libra, which will amp the vibes and make them even more potent for you. All this cosmic goodness is going down in the house of self and identity, which happens to be the house you oversee. It covers areas like your personal branding, how you get what you want in this world, and uninhibited expression of self. Full moons bring things to a peak, so expect opportunities to get your name out there, a drive to be seen and heard that leads to results, and some srs hustle vibes. There are so many auspicious ingredients in this baby, you should have no trouble making shit happen fast with little effort on your part. Speaking of, the 19th brings a new moon in Libra, which will light up your house of partnerships (romantic, platonic, and professional). This is a SICK match up, Aries. Turns out that Libra loves partnership—it’s wired for it. So whatever buddying up you do is going to be easy and harmonious. Whether you’re putting the proverbial ring on it, teaming up with a partner in crime, or finding the business partner of your dreams, Libra’s energy will help make it a dynamic duo for sure. It def doesn’t hurt that this new moon is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, and Mercury, the planet that rules the mind. It’s like the planets are joining forces to help you join forces—pretty much a best-case scenario, Aries.


Make dat money, Taurus! A full moon in Aries on the 5th will be lighting up your house of money and possessions, which happens to be the house you oversee. This moon falls opposite the Sun in Libra, creating an opposition energy pump that’ll heighten and strengthen the vibes. Aries is driven, direct, and impulsive, so you could see money coming to you out of nowhere and in buckets (ok, not buckets, but it’s def time to get srs about those shoes you’ve been saving up for). Because of Aries’ propensity for risk-taking, you might also do well around this day with a risky investment, so jump on that NASDAQ, boo. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra lands in your house of sex and transformation (YAS GIRL YOU GET IT). Jupiter, planet of expansion, is conjunct this moon, so broadening your horizons with a new sexual partner (or several) is not out of the question. A word of warning about this placement: Libra’s desire to create harmonious outcomes can lead to inhibitions, aka not standing in your truth. With this energy in your sex sector, you need to be careful not to get swept up in a love affair that doesn’t respect your boundaries. In fact, since this house oversees transformation, that goes for all aspects of your life: anyone or any situation that overpowers you does not deserve you, babe, and this may be the exact time for you to stand up and say so. Not always easy, I know, but if you draw on that bull power, you’ll clear the bullshit and make way for what keeps you thriving, not thirsty.


You’re about to bring new meaning to “speakeasy,” Gem. A full moon in Aries on the 5th lands in your house of communication, which is the house you oversee and totes your favorite pastime. Because this moon falls opposite the Sun in Libra, you’ll find extra powers at your disposal when it comes to talkin’ the talk. Giving presentations, publishing, public speaking—you’ll be on point with all of these, so arrange your schedule accordingly. There is a caveat you’ll wanna be careful of here: Aries is the ram, and the ram can butt heads. Be careful of conflict in your communication style around this time. It’s one thing to stand in your truth, it’s another to be an asshole—opt for the former. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra falls into your house of expanding horizons and life philosophies. Good news: Jupiter, the planet that oversees this house, will be conjunct the moon on this day, giving you even more of this energy. What to expect? Travel is always a big one when this house shows up, usually to far away places or destinations you haven’t experienced before. Libra is v playful and fun, so this is a killer time to take a vacay in foreign lands or to plan for one. On an abstract level, this house is about expanding your views of the world, and Libra is a sign of justice and equality. The Cosmos may throw a situation your way that asks you to think bigger about what is “fair” or “right” in your worldview. Whatever the case, be open to new ideas, bb. The ultimate purpose of this house is to grow so that you can be an even bigger badass in everything you do. Ef yes.


Cozy up, Cancer! A full moon in Aries on the 5th falls into your house of home and foundations, which happens to be the house you oversee and feel most comfy in. Aries is already a major force, but as it happens, this moon falls opposite the Sun in Libra, which will make the vibes even more powerful for ya, Crab Mama. Any news you’ve been waiting for about your literal home (if you’ve applied to rent or buy a house, if you’re thinking of moving, if you’re looking for a roommate), will likely be answered around this day, and plans should get underway v quickly, as Aries can be driven af and wants to see results happen yesterday. Sometimes this house isn’t about your literal home, but more about your forever home: you. Aries is a sign that oversees identity and self expression, so you may be asked to look at foundational issues (aka childhood stuff, aka ugh) that might be standing in the way of you showing up authentically and fearlessly in everything you do. Not always the most fun for you as a water sign, but def cosmic medicine, so don’t shy away. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra will hit up your house of career and fame. Good news: this moon is conjunct Jupiter and Mercury, so it’s about to go down, Cancer! Libra is ruled by Venus, so any work you do in the areas she favors most: romance, art, beauty, fashion, weddings, law/activism, or really any woman-centric industry, will be a great place for your career now, and a killer way to get your name in lights (or just some srs big ups from your boss). With Jupiter and Merc. in the mix, these good vibes will be taken even further (Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and expansion, and Mercury will throw you some bones in your ability to strategize and think creatively). Enjoy those feels, Cancer, ‘cause the jobby job’s got you on fleek this month for sure.


Get up get out and get some, Leo! A full moon on the 5th in Aries, your fire sister, lights up your house of play, creativity, and children—the house you oversee and love the most. Not just that, but it’s landing opposite the Sun in Libra, which will create a powerful energy surge, making the vibes super strong. Aries is pretty competitive, so if you’re up for getting your sports on (sloshball anyone?), this is the time. If you have creative projects on the backburner, this placement will move those to a priority position, and help you get them out into the world for all to ogle. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, you could get some good news around this time. If you’re not trying—wrap that shit on up girl, because this house is tryna get its proliferation on, ya feel me? On the 19th, a new moon in Libra lands in your house of friends and aspirations. Libra loves being social and has close ties to its friend groups. Because it’s also one of the most diplomatic signs in the zodiac, it’s often called in to mediate truces when conflict goes down in those groups, so keep an eye out for that, and keep some white flags on hand just in case. There’s also a motivational aspect to this house. Libra is the sign of justice and equality, so if you find yourself rallying groups toward higher visions of “liberty for all,” you’ll be right in keeping with the spirit of this new moon, Lady Lion. Lord knows we could use all the help we can get on that front, so more power to ya, Leo.


Werk it, Virgo! A full moon in Aries on the 5th will be lighting up your house of work and service, the house you oversee and feel the most at home in. This moon will land opposite the Sun in Libra, amping up the vibes and creating major results. Aries is mega competitive and ambitious, so you may be putting that nose to the grindstone in a real way at the office. Getting your hustle on is awesome, but not at the cost of your personal wellbeing (this house also oversees health, and yes, mental/ emotional health is just as important as physical health). Werk it, but don’t overwork it, Earth Sister. Aries can also have a dick vibe going on, so heads up that arrogance and butting heads at work could be a thing around this day, and use that grounded Virgo energy to create chill as needed. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra lands in your house of secrets and intuition. Not gonna lie, boo, this house is known to bring “shadow” issues to the forefront: the aspects of ourselves that we wrestle with. Libra’s main shadow traits are manipulation, people pleasing, and door mat behaviors. If those are problems for you, you’ll see them come up around the 19th for sure. This house also oversees secrets, so if any b.s. is being talked behind your back, you might find out about it around this time—you also might engage in some secret swapping, so reminder not to be that person; higher ground is just an “I’d rather not talk about this, hope you understand” away. Beyond that, this placement creates a lone wolf kinda vibe, so don’t go looking for collabs just yet. Working alone will work to your benefit the most rn. Solo YOLO, Virgo, that’s what’s up.

Now that you have the horo-scoop, go use this insider info to align the stars in your favor!


Remy Ramirez loves stars, shoes, the ‘80s, superfluous thrift store purchases, and two-stepping through rundown honky tonks. She is the executive editor of The FIXX magazine, and you can find her musings in Nylon, Bust, Nasty Galaxy, and strewn on post-its around her bedroom. She lives in Sedona, Arizona among the prickly pear and cicadas.







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