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October 13, 2017

Well darlin’, it’s the beginning of a new month of endless possibilities. Here at Merhipsy Headquarters, we are kicking off a new tradition that we are très stoked on to help you prepare for what’s to come. The galactic goddess herself, Remy Ramirez, has jumped on board to bless us with her insanely on-point astrological insights each month. I know, I know…finally proof that dreams DO come true! Buckle up, moonbabe, because you’re about to get a sweet dose of cosmic consciousness. BOOM.


Girl, you’re about to get some red flags wavin’ atcha, and you’d do well to pay attention. The 6th brings a full moon in in dreamy, sympathetic Pisces, lighting up your house of partnerships (personal and professional) and marriage. On a good day, Pisces is, creative, spiritually minded, and romantic—all great things for pairing up and killer traits in collabs. On a bad day, Pisces is needy, insecure, and fickle—literally all the red flags. Because the moon rules our emotions and brings feelings to their apex, and because we’ll still be getting some leftover retrograde energy on the 6th (Mercury stations direct on the 5th), keep an eye out for codependence vibes or inconsistency in potential partners. Afflicted Pisces energy is prone to addiction, both to substances and people, and you are not trying to get involved in that mess. So let actions speak louder than words, and take them at face value. Any nonsense pops up, you’re outta there. On the 20th, a new moon lands in Virgo, making you the key recipient of this lunar cycle’s wisdom. Virgo is a sign of service, and the moon is the epicenter of the Cosmo’s mothering energy. That combo often translates to acting as “nurse”—taking care of others and yourself in times of weakness. It so happens that this new moon is configured to draw attention to wounds and the way we care for them, both in others and ourselves. Have you been ignoring your wounds because your hustle and happy hour have you looking the other way? Are you getting resentful from playing nurse to someone who won’t get it together and take care of themselves? Red flag city. This new moon wants you to look honestly at these issues so that they can be healed once and for all. It’s not a party, but if you can push through the discomfort, you’ll be able to break into a whole new energy field that attracts based on healing rather than on old wounds. Sounds pretty killer to me.


Dang gurl, this Pisces full moon on the 6th is bringin’ the realness. It’s lighting up your house of personal evolution and transformation, which is a *V* intense house ruled by emotionally fearless Scorpio. As a water sign, Pisces is very much attuned emotionally, but also easily overwhelmed by all the feels. If it seems like the world is a massive shit storm around this day, know that the goal of this placement is not to leave you with a turd pile of emotional upheaval. It’s more like a compost mechanism that helps you transmute pain and self-defeating beliefs into powerful, wise, nutritive soil, so you can create beauty and resilience instead of emotional mayhem in your life. So in other words, it’s actually the best. On the 20th, a new moon in Virgo lands in your house of wealth and possessions. This new moon is especially designed by the Cosmos to turn our attention to wounds, healthy boundaries, and healing. (I know, I know, so many feels this month!) Take a look at how money has played into your self-care process. Do you shop to mask feelings you’d rather not think about? Are you “buying” affections, literally or figuratively? Do you feel unworthy or scared of financial success? Are you stuck in a scarcity loop that tells you’ll never have—or be—enough? Whatever the case, it’s time to get it straightened out so you can move into a new, healthy relash with those hundos, boo, and ultimately, with yourself.


I feel a revelation comin’ on for you, Scorp. The 6th brings a full moon in Pisces that will shine its light into your house of higher learning, travel, and expanding horizons. Pisces is not so much a physical traveler, but def loves the expansion generated through spiritual awakenings (I didn’t say shrooms, but I didn’t not say shrooms either). It’s a sacred combination, so be open to powerful information around this day, shedding light on how to align your spiritual beliefs with your overarching life philosophy. If you can take even 20 minutes to meditate (note: you can), you’ll really help some high-vibration info slide into your spiritual DM. On the 20th, a new moon in Virgo will land in your house of communication. This moon turns a magnifying glass to issues around self-care vs. self-sacrifice; how we nurture others, how we heal ourselves, and whether or not we have healthy boundaries separating the two. If not, it’s time to get those lips movin’. The combination of this moon with this house is like a neon sign: Vocalize. Your. Needs. People you waste your time “fixing,” or situations that you give to without getting enough back (*cough work cough*)—it’s time to powwow with all pertinent parties to let them know it isn’t working anymore. This is literally real talk; not just a meme. Don’t feel like you have to be unkind or come from anger; the point is to communicate clear, firm needs and expetations that let all involved parties know you are your own #1.


For all you Sag Sisters on that hustle, this one’s for you. A full moon in Pisces will land in your house of career on the 6th. Bad news first: Pisces is, like, the least career-oriented sign. The energy can be scattered and indecisive; not usually the best for makin’ moves up the ladder. Now the good news: Pisces is highly artistic, spiritual, and emotionally attuned, and you might find that your career path actually takes on these traits through super creative/spiritual/emotionally satisfying work. YAS. If it does turn out to be the former and you feel lost or overwhelmed by work, just grab yourself some yellow jasper (killer for mental clarity) and make pro/con lists for yourself till things start to make more sense. On the 20th, a new moon in Virgo lights up your house of home and foundations. This moon is chockfull of lessons around boundaries and healing, and for you, these are going to show up through scenarios related to you your actual home or through some of your most fundamental relationships (think fam). The central question here is whether you’re giving too much of yourself to the people you’re closest to at the cost of your own wellbeing. Look to see whether anyone in your life uses guilt or manipulation to make you feel indebted, or who drains you with codependence behaviors. To really hone the power of this moon, identify where you’re not standing firmly in your boundaries, and shift it, sister. Call the shots, even if only in your own mind. You’ll free up the energy you need for your own growth; anyone in your life who doesn’t want to see that happen is welcome to get over it on their own time.


What about your friends, Cap? On the 6th, a Pisces full moon lands in your house of friends and social spheres. Because this happens only one day after Mercury stations direct (aka those wonky retrograde vibes will still be creating drama) I’m afraid this will throw the moon’s energy for you a bit. Pisces’ energy, when it isn’t healthy, can be needy and addictive. If you find yourself in a situation with a friend who’s a hot mess and needs rescuing, double check to make sure your generosity doesn’t become martyrdom. Giving is only legit if it doesn’t drain you or create resentment. Speaking of having healthy boundaries, a new moon in Virgo on the 20th will land in your house of play, pleasure, and children. It’s a really fun, freedom-loving house—that’s the good news. The shit news is that this Virgo new moon is dead-set on bringing up deep wounds so we can heal them, especially in areas relating to how you heal yourself and how you nurture others. Because this is happening in a house that embodies your most childlike nature, you may find that deep wounds from childhood reemerge: moments when you didn’t know how to have healthy boundaries as a kid, or when you were asked to act like an adult way before you should have been. This house also oversees debauchery, and while we all need a solid GNO every once in a while, if you’ve been partying your sorrows away, that could come up to bite you in the ass, too. Don’t despair though, Cap. I know this all sounds like a massive bummer, but healing this core stuff will have major pay-offs in the end. So do the work sister; be honest, vulnerable, and brave—that’s as badass as it gets.


Ready to tap into the great beyond, Aquarius? A Pisces full moon on the 6th is lighting up your house of subconscious connection and intuition. Pisces, lover of the ethereal, is actually the ruler of this house, so the vibes are going to be even more potent for you. This is a bomb time to do any and all things woo woo: meditate, keep a dream journal, create altars, connect with crystals, or see a psychic. The ultimate goal is to tune in to the message coming from your highest intuition/spirit guides/the Universe/whatever you’re about. On the 20th, a v rough new moon in Virgo will be landing in your house of work and service. These are the exact areas this moon wants us to turn our attention to, so this one might hit hard for ya, Air Mama. Because of its alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer, and because Virgo rules healing, you’re going to be asked to look at how you give of yourself in your work or in any area where you’re “of service” to others: does it nurture you? or does it benefit others at the cost of your physical and emotional wellbeing? Subjecting yourself to that vibration is a srs buzz kill to your spiritual health, and this moon is going to ask you to overhaul the status quo so that you come out on top, not under a pile of poo week in and week out. The process won’t be pretty on the backend, but it will make you stronger and more kick ass. So there’s definitely that.


You do you, Pisces, because a full moon in your sign on the 6th will be drawing you out of your little fish cave and imbuing you with all your innately watery powers. This is a day of creativity and artistic vision, extending healing empathy toward others, and spiritual attunement. Expect big wins for you in any of these areas, Fish Sister. At the same time, watch out for some of Pisces’ greatest pitfalls: wallowing in past pain, addiction issues, and making yourself a doormat to more dominating personalities. Yours is a sign of deep compassion and love for others, but when that openheartedness isn’t properly protected, the result can be emotional fragility, read: meltdowns. If the feels are runnin’ high around this full moon, grab yourself some obsidian to help ground and center you. On the 20th, a v intense new moon in Virgo lights up your house of partnerships and marriage. This new moon is connected to Chiron, the wounded healer, and Virgo itself is a sign concerned with healing: how we heal ourselves and others. Look specifically at the people you’ve partnered up with, romantically, professionally—everything. What messages are they bringing you around this day about your boundaries? Do you subject yourself to partnerships that don’t fulfill you? Do you feel taken advantage of? If so, are you working to create balance, or are you coming from a low vibration “I’ll take what I can get” energy? There’s a reason airlines have us put our own masks on first before helping anyone else, bb, and that’s because we’re useless to others if we’re depleted. This new moon wants you to see that, to show up and take a stand for your self. You’re worth the lesson, Pisces, so pay close attention.


Hundred dolla bills, y’all! A full moon in Pisces on the 6th lands in your house of wealth and possessions. If you’ve been investing in any Pisces-related areas: spirituality, art, animals, or emotional healing, you could see big payouts around this day (YA$). On the flipside, you could be on a srs struggle bus vibe when it comes to cash flow, as Pisces’ energy can be pretty terrible with money. If you’ve been in spree mode or generally just lol-ing at your financial obligations, it’s about to bite you in the ass, sister. Def get someone qualified to look over the numbers, and grab yourself citrine or jade to help attract abundance and get you balanced out. On the 20th, a new moon in Virgo is lighting up your house of personal transformation. DAMN GURL, this is so real. Because of its connection to Chiron, the wounded healer, this new moon is asking you to look at relationships that have wounded you, places in your life where you gave without getting, times when you didn’t love yourself enough to create healthy boundaries. It wants you to revisit those moments so you can transform them into a source of power and resilience. Of all the houses, this one may be the most demanding during what is already a v emotionally rigorous new moon. The payout is worth the struggle though, so face those demons head on. If anyone in the zodiac is enough of a badass to make this a win, it’s you, Ram Babe.


Time to talk the talk, Taurus. A full moon in Pisces lands in your house of communication on the 6th. Pisces is emotionally complex, softhearted, and accommodating, and that energy is going to make for some pretty intense powwows—especially for you. When it comes to working things out, you Bull Babes can be stubborn and inflexible, which is literally the opposite of everything Pisces is about. So take some lessons from that vibe: rather than head into whatever emotionally charged convos need to take place this month with the goal of proving a point, ask yourself how you can create emotional win-wins, what kind of harmonizing compromises would feel good for you. It’s black-belt level adulting—challenging af but worth it. On the 20th a new moon in Virgo sets up shop in your house of beliefs and life philosophies. This new moon is not playin’. It carries Virgo’s nursing qualities and is connected to Chiron, the wounded healer. That combo will be asking you to look at the kinds of self-defeating beliefs you have around healing yourself and others. Do you have a pattern of trying to “fix” others’ lives so that they’ll love you? Is there a part of you that believes healing old wounds is impossible, that you’re just sort of eternally effed? Maybe you think emotional wounds are “unattractive,” so you hide them away. Whatever it is, those beliefs and patterns are going to be at the center of this new moon—not to mess with you, but to apply the salve that will heal them and leave more sustaining, balanced beliefs in their place. Major upgrade.


Get right to the heart of matters, Gem—‘cause if you don’t, this full moon’s gonna do it for you. It goes down on the 6th in Pisces, lighting up your house of foundations. Healthy Pisces energy is creative, spiritual, and empathetic, so you may find that connecting with these elements around the 6th ushers in major blessings and powerful shifts by feeding your most fundamental, loving nature. On the flip, unhealthy Pisces energy attracts addiction, insecurity, and codependence—issues that often stem from a core belief that being who you are isn’t safe (aka the most fundamental issue). This full moon may bring up incidents or messages around that theme, asking you to look at whether you’re creating a safe place for yourself: do you feed yourself positive thoughts, or worst case scenario obsessions? Do you celebrate your achievements when things are good and show yourself compassion when they’re not, or do you constantly beat yourself up? On the 20th, a new moon in service-oriented Virgo will keep the healing theme going by linking up with Chiron, the wounded healer, and lighting up your house of career and fame. This trifecta is going to bring up some v important questions for you about your relationship to work and “fame” (this includes Insta popularity, blog followers, etc.). Do you nurture your career at the expense of your own mental/emotional/physical health? Is your drive to blow up seizing your life in unhealthy ways? The cosmos are over it, and this new moon is going to make it clear: If you don’t shift shit around, it’ll intervene. Tough love from the cosmos, but good medicine in the end, bb.


Players gonna play, Crab Babe, and that means you! A Pisces full moon on the 6th lands in your house of fun, pleasure, and romance. The good news is that dreamy Pisces loves creativity and getting lost in the moment, so if you’ve been working on any creative projects, now’s the time to dive deep or show ‘em off to the world. The bad news is that this might have more to do with the romance department. Pisces gets weak in the knees for people who need rescuing, and you might find yourself trying to “save” your boo or potential boo. This is not a thing, Cancer, so heed those red flags and keep movin’ till something healthier comes along. On the 20th, a Virgo new moon will light up your house of friends. This one’s gonna test ya, ‘cause it’s aligned with Chiron, the wounded healer. Be on the lookout for friends you pour yourself into without getting anything in return. Check yourself for an inclination to fix your friends and their lives at the expense of your health, sanity, or self-respect. Look at friendships that make you feel used, underappreciated, or exhausted. The common denominator in those relationships is you, and the Cosmos want you to understand why you’ve attracted those kinds of self-defeating situations. Not so you can feel shitty about it, but so that you can identify the wound and apply the right medicine needed to heal it. It’s no fun, not gonna lie, but if you get super honest with yourself about the root of the issue, the shift will be major, girlfriend.


Work it, Lady Lions. A Pisces full moon on the 6th will be lighting up your house of work. Pisces values artistic pursuits, spiritual connection, and the emotional plane. Any work you do in these fields will be favored in a real way around this date—new clients, praise from higher ups—these are all possibilities. On the other hand, Pisces has a dreamy, head-in-the-clouds energy that can make getting work done a real pain in the ass. If you find yourself in a brain fog or easily distracted at the office, you’d be better off just focusing on whatever’s distracting you till the full moon passes and you can reclaim rights to your brain again. Like, literally take a day off or “work from home” (lol, we all know what that means). On the 20th, a new moon in service-oriented Virgo lands in your house of the subconscious. This moon is in alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer, and because of that will carry major lessons around how we heal others versus how we heal ourselves. Because this is all going down in your house of the subconscious and intuition, be prepared to catch glimpses of self-defeating subconscious beliefs you carry about your ability to heal old wounds and to be healed by others. Look for places where your psyche has convinced you that you have to play martyr to feel loved or accepted. If you’re in the healing arts, check in for wack messages you have on loop about not being good enough to do your work. Obvs your subconscious isn’t going to be straight up with you—it operates in the abstract—so working with dream journals, tarot, trusted psychics, etc. are all killer ways to get some v valuable clarity.


Now that you have the horo-scoop, drop us a comment below and let us know how you will use this insider info to align the stars in your favor!


Remy Ramirez loves stars, shoes, the ‘80s, superfluous thrift store purchases, and two-stepping through rundown honky tonks. She is the executive editor of The FIXX magazine, and you can find her musings in Nylon, Bust, Nasty Galaxy, and strewn on post-its around her bedroom. She lives in Sedona, Arizona among the prickly pear and cicadas.

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