Are you seeking a clear, direct, and actionable answer to a burning question weighing heavy on your heart? Let Zoey shine a light of clarity and comfort as she provides the solutions you are seeking. Zoey will provide guidance and direction in any area of your life to help you get right to the heart of the matter. These mini, e-mail readings are perfect for blessed beings seeking a concise answer to a specific question. The more crystal clear your question is, the more satisfying your answer will be.


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Clear Question


What can I do to invite love into my life?

Which path of study should I take, psychology or philosophy?

Is my life purpose to be a healer?

Should I apply for a position with (Specific Company)?

Will I find more success in my business by focusing on (marketing, adding this new service, hiring Denise)?

unclear question

When will I meet Mr. Right?

What is my future?

What is my purpose?

Am I going to be rich?

Am I going to have health problems?

What can I do to be more successful in my business?


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Singular questions submitted will be addressed in 48 hours Monday through Friday, with answers channeled directly from Spirit to offer resolution to your soul. One business day is added to process and answer orders of two or more questions.

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"Zoey gifts as a spiritual coach are truly amazing!"

"I have had a few readings with her via email over the last year or so. These readings where spot on with not just what was going to happen but coaching me with how to move through those specific situations."

“Such an amazing intricate answer to such a boring question."

"This is exactly what I needed, and I hear the details. It shifts the perspective to this being a manifestation and experience I can engage in spiritually and deepen my connection with my angels as they support me. I can visualize how it’s going to look now and how I should approach it. The view before was pretty dark.”