Navigating Grief, Loss & Death with The Death Empath

This week, Zoey is speaking with Jessica Reis, also known as The Death Empath, a Death Doula who specializes in Grief, Loss & Shadow work. Jessica received her training 4 years ago through INELDA and has expansions in Grief Recovery, Pregnancy/Infancy Loss, Pet Hospice and Shadow work.

Jessica and Zoey talk about:

  • What a death doula is
  • What she loves about her career and how she thrives
  • Making death accessible and bringing 
  • Zoey’s confusing and painful personal life experience of beginning the grieving experience for her ailing mother that was cut short when her mother ended up going into remission unexpectedly
  • How becoming a death doula and being the death doula for her grandmother allowed her to shift into 
  • The importance and necessity in “feeling your feelings”, what that means, and how to do it
  • Miscarriage and child infant loss
  • Experiences of sexual abuse, depression, and suicide
  • How we can exercise empathy towards others and ourselves
  • Physical, Mental, and Emotional processes that help with grieving 

Grief, Loss & Death can feel isolating, lonely and overwhelming. As a Death Doula, Companion & End of Life Guide, Jessica has come to realize that our Grief is meant to be shared, nurtured, loved and witnessed. She offers 1:1 Grief Coaching & Guidance Calls as well as hosts The Human Psychopomp Community Club for Self-Grieving, Self-Honoring & Healing.

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