A 30 day program for spiritual seekers seeking to become fully activated intuitive beings, equipped with a direct line of communication with their angels and spirit guides. 

The program for spiritual seekers who are READY to claim their intuitive power and fully activate their psychic senses so they can live the life of their dreams.

The Intuition Activation Mentorship


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Are you seeking a clear, direct, and actionable answer to a burning question weighing heavy on your heart? Let Zoey shine a light of clarity and comfort as she provides the solutions you are seeking. Zoey will provide guidance and direction in any area of your life to help you get right to the heart of the matter. These mini, e-mail readings are perfect for blessed beings seeking a concise answer to a specific question. The more crystal clear your question is, the more satisfying your answer will be.

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Zoey prefers to qualify her work as Spiritual Coaching rather than “psychic work,” because it is intended to empower you to move from where you are currently, into a space of deeper happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

Through a heightened sense of intuition and the use of oracle and angel cards, specific messages are delivered from Universal energy beings and your Spirit Guides and Guardians to help you in all aspects of life.

Spiritual Coaching

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Package One

Group Experiences 

60 minutes for parties up to 9 people 

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Package Two

120 minutes for parties up to 9 people 

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This offering is ideal for a bachelorette party, girls getaway in the desert magic of AZ, or for couples looking to share a deeper connection and heal in union with one another.

This is also an option for groups without a special focus...everyone gets a blessing or can focus their time on spell casting around a point of manifestation or intention! 

The Merhipsy is committed to creating opportunities for spiritually-inclined, or simply curious, individuals to experience healing, connection to Spirit, and community with one another.

Events will include group Reiki and Sound Healing sessions, Reiki shares, meditation circles, spiritual meet ups, and of course informative workshops and classes on everything from crystal healing, energy work, and intuitive development.

Check out the calendar below to secure your spot at Zoey’s upcoming events! These are currently available only to those in the phoenix area. To stay tuned for events outside of Phoenix, share your email and subscribe to the tribe!


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Your intuition has led you to this sacred space, because this medicine is for YOU. Join Zoey Greco, aka The Merhipsy, as she shares real client sessions from her work as an Intuitive Guide in her Spiritual Coaching practice.

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