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45 minute sessions

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30 minute sessions

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15 minute sessions

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Readings are offered solely by phone to clients all over the world. For your convenience, sessions are recorded and sent to you to be reviewed at your leisure.


45 minutes $333  |  30 minutes $270  |  15 minutes $144

45 minutes $333
30 minutes $270 
15 minutes $144

Zoey prefers to qualify her work as Spiritual Coaching rather than “psychic work,” because it is intended to empower you to move from where you are currently, into a space of deeper happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind. Through a heightened sense of intuition and the use of oracle and angel cards, specific messages are delivered from Universal energy beings and your Spirit Guides and Guardians to help you in all aspects of life.

While Zoey does perform intuitive readings, she prefers to focus her work with clients on spiritual and intuitive coaching. What is the difference, though? 

In psychic readings, you are being told a lot of things that make sense in the moment and in the future, and can even heal things from the past. Pretty amazing, right? 

Spiritual coaching takes those same principles to a deeper level because the session is experienced as more of a dialogue. In that work, answers and guidance are coming to you from your Guides, as well as from within, from your Higher Self. You and Zoey can discover where your own intuitive insights converge with direction and Divine Guidance from your Angels and Guides. In that work, things will be validated or redirected to help you take action to co-create with Spirit the deepest levels of fulfillment and peace possible for you! 

Different from mediumship, The Merhipsy specifically chooses not to speak with those who have passed on and strictly works with Angelic and Guardian energies.

About this service

Should you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee. All appointments canceled within a 24 hour period of the scheduled time will not be refunded. If you would like to reschedule an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, a fee of 50% of your session price will be charged. Missed appointments cannot be refunded. The appointment is considered "missed" after 1/3 of the session time has passed. 

Zoey is not able to accommodate more client sessions at this time. Sign up to be notified when Zoey will be opening her schedule for a limited offering of sessions.