Reiki Infused Aura Readings by Ali Lizzi

Zoey is joined by the amazingly talented and gorgeous, Ali Lizzi. Ali is a Miami-based Intuitive Holy Fire Reiki Master, spiritual artist, and sound practitioner. Ali has spent many years focusing on healing her own trauma, anxiety and depression and knew it was her dharma to take what she has learned and assist others who may be struggling as well. She is a safe, supportive yet powerful lightworker that is dedicated to the healing path, and gladly supports others on their journey through Reiki Healing, Sound Healing and Aura Readings & Portraits.

Ali & Zoey chat about: 

  • Personal journeys to healing themselves
  • Going from a “typical” 9-5 career and transitioning into healing
  • Personal traumas and how she saw auras at a young age
  • Ali’s personal aura cleansing routine
  • What aura portraits are
  • The beauty in loving and appreciating your own path
  • Inspiring others to live their truth
  • And so much more

Tune in to hear how Spirit guided Ali to exactly what she needed, when she needed it and changed the trajectory of her life into what it is today! 

Every individual is able to fully heal themselves energetically if they are able to give themself the space to and give themself the peace and grace to. – Ali Lizzi

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